Lexus Sanders

Executive director of Essex CHIPS

As readers may recall, Eliza Kuchuk directs several programs at Essex CHIPS, including FriendCHIPS Mentoring, the Teen & Tween Centers, and the Adventure Orientation Program. Since the 2019 FriendCHIPS 5K Run for Fun is right around the corner (May18th), I asked Eliza to interview one of the youth who participates in FriendCHIPS at her school. Her name is Lexus Sanders. She is 11 years old, and a middle school student. She has been an enthusiastic mentoring partner in FriendCHIPS for 3 years. Here are Lexus’s responses to Eliza’s questions:

Favorite subjects and/or activities at school? “I like French because it’s fun and I like learning the language.” Hobbies/activities out of school? “I like playing with my sisters and my friends.”

School support of students? “They’re supportive of hobbies and clubs.” Goals for after high school? “I’m probably going to go to college. I want to be a vet…”

Favorite aspects of FriendCHIPS? “Playing games and just hanging out with my mentor.”

Should other students have mentors? “Yeah, because you just need a break from school. It’s nice to have someone to talk to.”

How has mentoring made a difference for you? “When I didn’t have a mentor school was really stressful…When you do have a mentor it’s not that stressful because you get a break.”

Are you participating in the 5K Run for Fun to support mentoring? “Yeah because it seems really cool, and I want to support mentoring – because I’m in mentoring!

We are excited that Lexus will be joining other youth and adults on May 18th to run, walk, or roll the FriendCHIPS 5K. Join them if you can! Contact Eliza at for more information!