The Winter Parking Ban for the community of Essex and Essex Jct. takes effect on December 1.  It will stay in effect until April 1, 2019.

The winter parking ordinance states, “No person shall park or leave unattended a vehicle of any type on any street, road, alley, lane park or public grounds in the Town of Essex and the Village of Essex Junction during the period of December 1 through April 1 of the next year between the hours of midnight and seven a.m.”

Essex Winter parking fines are as follows: (Section 7.20.090 of the town ordinance)

  • First violation, $5.00
  • Second or subsequent violations, $15.00

Essex Jct. winter parking fines are as follows: (Section 825 of the village ordinance.)

  • Per violation, $25.00
  • Vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense ($80), plus storage cost of $30 per day whenever a member of the public works department requests streets and sidewalks be cleared of parked motor vehicles.
  • Those who have a disabled vehicle or visitors having to park on the public street during the dates and times of the parking ban are asked to check with the police department at 878-8331 for prior approval. Otherwise, they will be subjected to a fine and having their vehicles towed.

In order to be consistent, police officers will issue warnings to motor vehicle owners leaving their vehicles on public streets and/or public parking lots during the period of the winter parking ban even though it might not be snowing. In so doing, it helps reduce the number of vehicles needing to be towed during a storm or when the Public Works department needs to do additional street work.