Elected officials are not telling us the true reason they want this merger all-of-a-sudden. So, let me clue you in. Most of them will benefit financially from it, while others pay. That’s unacceptable. These same elected officials tell us they represent everyone as Selectboard members, but they clearly act in the best interest of only half their constituents.

May I remind you how we got here?

1. When the Village had the golden umbrella from IBM, the Town proposed to merge, but the Village would have no part of it. The Village used money from IBM to fund their fire department, library, and public works, while keeping residential taxes at bay. Without IBM, the Village is now eager to share costs with residents in the Town outside of the village.

2. For decades the EJRP was an arm of the school district and able to conceal its true costs. When the school districts merged, they wanted EJRP gone. EJRP tried to form a separate municipality in 2016 so they could continue their profligate spending.

3. That separate municipal district for recreation was voted down in 2016, as was total merger in 2007, yet the two Rec departments have just co-located, defying the voters’ will.

With eight Village residents out of ten elected officials on the joint boards, the Town outside the Village has virtually no say into this matter of merger. There is no happy marriage to be had, when negotiations are so lopsided.

I strongly suggest that all residents who want a harmonious future take a moment to remind your elected officials that an unfair merger plan will lead to more divisiveness.

Please remedy the representation now at the table where merger plans are being discussed. I don’t want my tax dollars wasted, once again, in forming a plan that has nothing in it for half the town.

Do you?

Dennis Bergeron