I’ve lived in Essex Junction since 2012. I’ve gotten to know Karen through a variety of ways: an effort involving racial justice in Essex, through Essex Resists, through Voices for Education in Essex/Westford, and through her setting up a voter registration table at one of the Five Corners’ events in 2018.

I am aware she works at the Essex Community Justice Center where her specialty is restorative justice, a practice that I believe will become more and more important as we seek to reform the criminal justice system. She also has two kids in the EWSD school system.

Her website provides more information about her “credentials,” which are impressive. dolanforvthouse.com/about-karen But even more important for me is her character. Over the many years I have been on this planet, IMO I have become a fairly good judge of character. Here I think she excells: she’s honest, caring, decent, civic-minded, and hard-working. I believe she will make a terrific State Representative that we will all be proud of. I therefore urge your support.

Jud Lawrie

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