I'm glad to see a cautious approach while Vermont reopens schools. Many have in Europe without disabling consequence. We need to put our fears in context. Our fears are real and I don't dismiss them out of hand. But every year we are forced to inoculate our school children because of the greater good. People perceive this as necessary for public health. But yet 150 of our kids die each year according to the CDC from vaccine related adverse reactions not to mention others that are maimed. In contrast, the coronavirus has killed a handful of children high school age and under. Kids need structure. They rely on the school system for meals, social aptitude, athletics and health checks amongst the rigors of education. That school schedule allows parents to work and provide for their families. The overwhelming majority of parents of school age kids are in the group that can recover from covid19. I expect the 1.2 billion dollars that the fed gave the state is used to upgrade ventilation systems and mitigation strategies within our school systems. What are we waiting for governor? There's work to be done. As precarious as our situation may be, I feel the unknown consequences of sheltering in place will overwhelm our families and we need to face our fears with measured reasoning.

Therapeutics have come a long way in fighting the disease early. Hydroxychloroquine and zinc are effective early since the drug drives zinc into cells that is well documented to prevent the replication of RNA viruses. There are other drugs like budesonide and remdesiver as well as convalescent plasma. And hospitals are now acknowledging therapeutics are far more effective at stopping the cycle of the cytokine storm caused by the autoimmune response than using ventilators since the disease is targeting more of the bodies inability to transfer oxygen after getting through the respiratory system. And more therapeutics are coming online every day.

Several so-called successful vaccine trials that I have read found that immunity only last limited months and that with every subsequent shot the toxicity level keeps accumulating. Vaccines are far from a silver bullet. We need to move forward and get our kids back to the world they know and rely. It's a must that we collect as much data from reopening the schools as to have a baseline so we can determine later what effect cold season is having on covid19 cases. That baseline will identify whether a vaccine is effective or is making morbidity rates worse when administered. Without having that baseline from reopening of schools we will be blind in knowing whether a vaccine is safe and effective. Personally, as a person in the risk category, I believe everyone should have the right to choose the protocol they believe is best for them. Diversity of treatment is Americas strong suite and can ward against a premature "cure" that could have unintended circumstances.

Ron Coppola

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