Thank You Essex and Westford Communities!

Our hearts are full! It all started with an idea to host a gathering where our neighbors could just be. Be together without any agenda, to share food, laughs and maybe play a few board games. Our hearts became a little more full when others believed in our mission and donated to make it happen including: Voices for Education and EWSD, Child Nutrition Services at EWSD, Essex Junction Recreation & Parks, Henry & Nathan Wu of Wu Brothers Music, Larkin Hospitality, Town of Westford , Mansfield Place, Assisted Living and Memory Care, Committee for Westford Children and Families, Michael Versluys Triangl Design LLC, Heart & Soul, Village of Essex Junction, Town of Essex , Champlain Valley Exposition, Maplehurst Florist, Center for Technology-Essex (CTE) Profoods and EWSD Property Services.

We thought our fullness was complete when we had so many volunteers sign up to make the event a success including: Karen Dolan, John Dowman, Evyl Keough, Stephanie Teleen, Owen and Eamon Kamerer, Linda and Kevin Potasiewicz, Jessica Psaros, Wendy and Dan Johnson, Rosemarie McMahon, Deb Vogl, Kim Maiberger, Susan Raimy, Lisa Allen, Kaki McGeary, Sarah Kitchen, Charlie and Caitlin McGeary, Dielene Donley, Laura Walker, Kathy Fay, Dongdong Lin, Lyle Newell, Gracie Pierce, Amy Tinker, Karen Thompson, Andrew Peet, P.J. Neverett, Niquette Bergeron, Laurie Laplant, Caitlin Molly and Mason Fay, Sam Houghton, Sam Curtiss, Deb Kalkestein-Lamb, Michelle and Erik Brennen, Barb Davide, Tami Koester, Betsy McGee, Linda Stone, Wanda Arce, Diane Fuchs, Iris Hsiang, all those who attended the event but then lent a hand and all the children who helped alongside their parents. If we missed thanking someone, we are sorry.

But we didn’t realize how full our hearts could become until Gather at the Table ended with close to 500 people attending, hours of fun for kids in the open gym, a delicious dinner in a transformed school cafeteria, people of all ages playing board games together and neighbors talking with neighbors.

Thank you Essex and Westford communities! Our hearts are overflowing!

Lori Houghton on behalf of the planning team: Scott Fay, Bridget Meyer, Annie Cooper, Cindy Dowman, Erin Knox and Liz Subin

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