Thank you for electing me as one of your State Senators. If I did not earn your support in this election, I hope to do so in the years to come.

We are facing many new challenges in the coming legislative session. My plan is to work hard on priorities that attract opportunity, growth, investment and people to Vermont while increasing housing affordability, upgrading broadband access, improving the health of our environment and social justice issues.

My aim is to represent Essex in a maximally transparent and accessible manner. Please call, email, text or tweet at me.

And please write letters to the editor of this newspaper. Our community newspapers like the Essex Reporter provide high quality local journalism critical to a functioning democracy, an informed electorate and vigorous public discourse. Facebook and Google are not writing articles about our local schools – this paper is. And in so doing they are strengthening our communities and keeping Vermont neighborly.

I wish everyone the very best during these challenging times and you have my pledge to work hard for you in Montpelier.

Thomas I. Chittenden

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