I strongly urge all residents of Chittenden 8-1 (Essex) to support Tanya Vyhovsky for state representative.

I first met Tanya through her practice, where she is a therapist, and from there was introduced to her efforts to fight for healthcare reform. When COVID-19 came to Vermont, Tanya led the charge in creating a mutual aid network to support the residents of Essex who would inevitably be affected by the pandemic. Tanya devotes herself to improving the quality of life for everyone; she embodies the drive and principals that we should expect from our representatives in Montpelier!

It is far too easy to become disillusioned by the gridlock and partisan divide that characterize our government today; this is why we need to elect Tanya. No matter what issues are most important to you, Tanya’s strong platform is geared to creating positive change to benefit all Vermonters! I invite everyone to visit tanyaforvt.com to see all the ways that she is planning to fight for you, and for the people you love! Then...go and vote!

Drew C. Troller-Renfree

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