The 2018 editorial by Mr. Lynn would be amusing if it were not so full of lies and sanctimonious righteousness. He is correct that a free and independent press in keeping an eye on government officials and informing the American people is critical, but there the truth ends.

Mr. Lynn refers to the New York Times as one of “our nations most trusted news papers.” Is this the same NYT that to this day refuses to surrender the Pulitzers they were awarded for their own Walter Durante who covered up the slaughter of millions at the hands of Stalin? More recently, accepted a Pulitzer for their “outstanding coverage” of a story they knew was fake, i.e. the “Russian collusion” hoax. Even worse, they were active players in this attempted coup, as they accepted a story that was known to be not only unsubstantiated, but was put together specifically to establish grounds for illegal spying of the Trump campaign and incoming administration. They published this known lie to provide “credibility” to an allegation that had none, so as to provide a basis to launch an “independent counsel investigation” that was anything but.

You also hold up the head of that phony investigation, Robert Mueller, as some pillar of virtue. This is the same dirty cop that was involved with a corrupt Boston FBI office that knowingly withheld exculpatory evidence and sent four innocent men to prison. Years later, after two of those men had died in prison and that evidence was about to come to light and free the two remaining men, your virtuous Mr. Mueller still sought to keep that evidence hidden. More recently, as head of the FBI, Mr. Mueller ignored intelligence warnings that the Tsarnaev’s had attended terrorist training camps in the Mideast. Mr. Mueller’s corruption directly led to the Boston bombings that injured scores of people, and killed several, including a little boy that was blown to pieces. Thanks Mr. Mueller. And with all your cries about “influencing elections,” Mr. Mueller stated in a private conversation in early 2018 that he knew that there was “no evidence of Russia collusion.” Instead of informing the American people, as he had an obligation to do, he kept that fact hidden. Why? He had to keep that hidden through the 2018 elections.

You insist the righteous press reports on lies, but where were they during the eight years of Obama lies and scandal? Crickets please. Dozens of Americans were under attack in Libya, calling desperately for help, and Obama couldn’t be bothered to lift a finger, leaving four of them to be slaughtered, including our embassador. If ever there was grounds for impeachment, that was it. Where was the “free press” on this heinous crime? Nowhere to be found, as they are on any story of corruption that might expose the truth about the Democrat party.

One only need look at the news of recent days, as these same “fake news” sources have started reporting in shock that Joe Biden’s son is under investigation! Two months ago these same “news” organizations refused to give the story little, if any coverage. NPR outright refused to cover it, claiming it was not “news worthy” or some pathetic lie.

For all your claims about “honest” reporting, your ilk have refused to cover the many major accomplishments of Trump and his administration. Trump has done more for minorities in terms of lowering unemployment and raising incomes than any president in history. Average household incomes are up significantly, helped by tax credits Biden has vowed to rescind. He got real prison reform done. He ended the awful NAFTA and enacted several trade agreements that are much more favorable to the United States, bringing millions of jobs back to this country that the incompetent Obama said “isn’t gonna happen.” He has not started any foreign military engagements and got NATO to finally start paying their fair-share. He cleaned up the mess in the VA hospital system and made it possible for Vets to get treatment at non-VA hospitals. He has confronted our greatest enemy, China, on many fronts, including theft of intellectual properties, trade practices that were extremely damaging to our economy, as well as their military advancements. He recognized Jerusalem as the true capital of Israel, something all his predecessors only gave lip-service to. He had the brilliance to do an end-run around the corrupt Palestinian authority and has brokered four major middle east peace deals, the greatest accomplishments in real peace in that region in two generations. He made the U.S. energy independent for the first time since Eisenhower, and we are no longer at the mercy of the Mideast. His Operation Warp Speed produced a vaccine for the China virus in record time that nobody thought was possible. Patients with life-threatening illnesses can now access experimental treatments. All of these major accomplishments were ignored by most of the so-called “news organizations” Mr. Lynn tries to claim are unbiased protectors of truth.

Truth is, the majority of Americans no longer trust the MSM, with good reason. Mr. Lynn, Donald Trump is NOT the enemy of the American people. The true enemy is a press that has abandoned their responsibility enshrined in our Constitution to be the watch-dog of government corruption that our founding fathers knew was critical to keeping the American people informed and that government true to the founding principles. Instead, it has become a fifth column of disinformation and cover-up of corruption that is equivalent to Pravda in the old Soviet Union. You and your fellow travelers worked to steal the election for possibly the most corrupt person to ever run for the office of President. He is bought and paid for by the government of China, and you helped cover it up. If you doubt me, go listen to the testimony given by Tony Bobulinsky, former business associate of Hunter Biden. The Biden Crime Family in the White House is your legacy Mr. Lynn. You must be proud.

Brett Gaskill

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