It is said that behavior speaks directly to our intentions. We are what we do more than what we say. Considering this it appears that the National Republican party is at war with itself and grossly out of step with core foundational American values. Consider the following:

1. The party's passionate pursuit of gerrymandering, intended to elect a greater number of Republicans to Congress, has greatly altered the political landscape. Electing candidates from an overwhelming Republican engineered district, although successful has created an environment partial to candidates on the extreme right. Members who a least inclined toward compromise, the necessary grease of any effective government. More balanced districts tend to elect candidates who are more centrist, hence more pragmatic and prone to compromise. The success of gerrymandering has contributed greatly to the Congress' inability to act. The Republicans through greed an ineptitude have made of themselves the dog who caught the car.

2. Even more disturbing has been the party's push at voter suppression. Based on a false and unproven assertion of voter fraud. Not since the reconstruction has there been a more egregious abuse of power. Recall that a nation wide study revealed that there was no discernible voter fraud. Yet the party aggressively continues to suppress the minority vote. Motivated by the perverse notion that injustice and abuse of the constitution is preferable to losing at the polls. Surely, this is an act of sheer evil. The right to vote is the cornerstone of our Nation's existence.

3. The party's "take no prisoners" rush to obliterate Obama care, in the absence of any real alternative is morally bankrupt. Million's of American have and still suffer form lack of proper affordable medical insurance. This is a reality the Republicans choose to ignore. Obama care haas been and continues to be a lifeline for millions, hence its popularity. Yet the Republicans continually assault it. For clarity, refer back to gerrymandering producing a climate prone to extremis.

4. Once again hurling facts and logic to the winds. The Republicans refuse to acknowledge the scientific certain reality of climate change. Pushing ad absurdium to ad absurdium many of them ridicule it. Despite the fact that Science solidly supports the reality of a serious human contribution. This is without a doubt an existential threat that has arrived.

5. Shrinking Government; This is one place where their words and actions are in perfect sync. Grover Nourquist's famous quote;" I don't wish to kill government, but rather make it small and weak enough so I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it" Best characterizes the Republican game plan. Unable to eliminate annoying agencies such as the EPA. Republican's have at every opportunity attempted to undermine its mandate. They have openly attacked it ,and deprived it of necessary resources and personnel.

What they cannot vote out of existence they seek to cripple. The EPA exists because of the direct will and consent of the people. The republicans once again impervious to the rights of anyone they do not agree with seek to abandon any and all notions of fair play and pursue a "by any means necessary" approach. This was never the founders guidance.

Our system was designed for maximum transparency and to preserve reverence for fair play and decency. We are supposed to be at our best, and not our worst. In closing I have to ask, how can any fair minded person be a member of a party that so vigorously has worked to suppress anyone's constitutional right to vote. This is America!

Frank Murphy

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