When I was a girl there was a jingle on TV: “Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee”. It was a funny way to say something was really delicious, and there are some things in life that are just so good that everyone can agree.

The Fair Representation Charter Change would guarantee residents, no matter where we live, an equal chance at having our unique needs promoted, discussed and weighed along with others’.

Nobody doesn’t like fair representation – or a level playing field. Right?

Actually, our elected Town officials appear to be tossing out red herrings and working overtime to disparage a plan which would do just that: equalize representation on our Town Selectboard.

If we want to continue as one community, neither part of town should have the ability force its agenda on the other.

Why can’t the Selectboard majority see the wisdom in appropriately sharing power? Better decisions get made when input comes from all sides, and when people are encouraged to give-and-take. Controlling the levers of power in a town of 22,000 people is a lot of responsibility. A responsibility to welcome all to the table.

Please join me in voting YES on the Fair Representation Charter Change (3 + 3) on 3/3!

GayLynn Thornton

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