I am an Essex Town resident who is concerned that there is a big tax shift being planned by the local government officials under the guise of merger.

Remember: voters rejected a similar plan in 2007

As merger is currently being discussed, all Essex residents would shoulder the burden of paying for the Village’s deteriorating infrastructure. Village residents would relinquish control of EJRP and Brownell Library, among other Village entities, to the larger governing board. And once theseTown and Village departments are merged, what happens to a smaller entity like our beloved Essex Free Library?

Let’s not merge to keep our Fire, Library, Planning and Recreation departments budgeted for and controlled by our respective municipalities. Better still, consider the new Separate-and-Share option instead.

Please urge your elected officials not to go down the prickly merger plan in 2020.

We can be great neighbors with a good fence!

Suchetha Prabhu

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