I support the plans put forth by the joint Essex governance boards to merge our community into one entity. Far, FAR too much time has been spent on this issue over too many years. It is time to put it to rest. Irene Wrenner’s comment in a recent article that the process is “moving too fast” is laughable.

For the first time we have both boards working together for a solution. The status quo is not an option. These people are spending enormous amounts of time and energy to figure out how to merge multiple departments, libraries, and governing agencies. A daunting task indeed.

I find it very unfortunate that other letter writers have chosen to impugn the motives of these volunteers. Why would anyone sign up for this difficult job unless they felt strongly it was the right thing to do? Plus, all ten board members are in agreement.

I support our elected boards in their efforts. I look forward to eventually having a single community that can efficiently plan and grow into the future.

Alison Knox Wermer

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