I am pleased to have the opportunity to endorse Tom Nelson for State Representative in the Chittenden-8-1 district, which includes Essex Town.

Tom is a true, hardworking Vermonter. I had the opportunity to get to know him when he served as Commander of my security detail during my time as Governor. I felt safe with Tom at my back, and I know that Essex voters will feel safe from higher taxes and fees with Tom representing them in Montpelier.

Tom has spent his whole life serving others--as a former Vermont State Police Captain, DHS Criminal Analyst, District Security Officer for the US Marshal Service, school safety instructor, sports coach, and volunteer with several nonprofits. Now, Tom wants to take that record of service to Vermonters to the next level by representing you in the Legislature.

Tom also knows how to bring people together, forge partnerships, and bridge the partisan divide. He leads by learning and working collaboratively with others. Since the issues we're facing today are among the most challenging we've faced in years, we need that type of leadership under the Golden Dome.

Put simply, Tom is the right person for the job. He knows the issues, is fiercely committed to his community, and won't let you down. I urge Essex voters to support Tom Nelson for State Representative.

Jim Douglas

Governor of Vermont (2003-2011)

Middlebury, VT

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