My first letter to the editor is to speak out on the upcoming vote to reorganize the town select board.

I just had a very nice man knock on my door to explain why we need to continue this partisan separation in our community by setting up the select board into two camps of representation, with Village on one side and Outside of the Village on the other side. It is time to put this mentality behind us.

Many of us have been trying for years to unite Essex back into one town, as it once was. I have only lived here for 51 years, but during that time I have seen this toxic environment of Junction Verses Outside the Junction mentality dominate almost everything. It has slowly diminish over the years, and we are finally approaching a time when we can move forward, and stop this toxicity once and for all. I want, and we need the representation on the Select Board to represent our needs, desires, and whats good for the entire town. I hope we can vote this proposal down rather than continue with this tribal mentality of us verses them. This purposed select board of three from the Junction and three from Outside the Junction is representative of what is wrong with today’s politics all the way to Washington. Lets continue working for unity in our one community, by voting this proposal down. Than we can continue down the path of unity, rather than returning to the mentality of division and separation.

Henry Gabert

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