Few decisions we make have greater impact on both our short-term as well long-term well-being than those we elect to represent us in public office. I must point out a key word in this previous sentence…represent. For years now the average “tax paying” citizen is not represented in Montpelier. What is highly represented and tends to steer the political discussion and corresponding agenda is yet another trendy social cause. Little regard is placed on what should be the most important agenda item every year; the budget. Running our municipalities and State is like running a business, yet those in Montpelier seem to have completely forgotten about their responsibility when it comes to fiscal prudence. It’s high time to elect those that will bring common-sense and practicality to Montpelier.

This is why I highly endorse Tom Nelson. As a senior officer, now retired from the Vermont National Guard, I worked closely with Tom on many noteworthy causes. Tom is a founding member of the Annual “Defenders vs. Enforcers” Benefit Hockey Game. This long-standing tradition helped to raise precious funds for military and law enforcement families that needed a helping hand.

In my capacity in the National Guard, I also worked with then Capt. Tom Nelson of the VT State Police on many endeavors. I knew when collaborating with Tom that he was a dependable, loyal and trustworthy partner, no matter the task at hand. Tom is an intelligent, level-headed professional who exhibits some of the strongest values I have encountered in a public servant. He is trustworthy, loyal, puts service before self, brings honor to any situation and routinely displays moral courage. All of these traits are badly need in Montpelier. Your vote for Tom Nelson will bring strong moral character with a sense of purpose to put Montpelier back on track.


Col. (Ret) Terry Lambert

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