I am writing today to encourage those Essex Residents who can to cast a vote for Marybeth Redmond in the upcoming House race in Chittenden 8-1.

I don't think that there are adequate words that can express how truly dedicated Representative Redmond is when it comes to caring about her community. As we have served together on the Board of Civil Authority I have seen firsthand that no matter the situation, Marybeth's concerns are always for the people involved and how it will impact their lives. She asks thoughtful questions and tries to look past the black and white of an issue to help the lives being affected. It can be easy in governmental work to forget that behind all the numbers and statistics we see, the choices being made are also decisions that have real impact on families and neighbors in our community. Marybeth is one of those rare individuals that never loses sight of this fundamental truth; She will always take on the concerns of her constituents with thoughtfulness and compassion.

In her first term she's proven to be an effective and impactful legislator. It's a rarity in this world to find someone as fundamentally altruistic as Marybeth and we are incredibly fortunate to have her willing to step up and represent our town in Montpelier for another session. Please use one of your two votes in Chittenden 8-1 to vote Redmond!

Patrick Murray

Vice-Chair, Essex Selectboard

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