In the August 11 primaries, on whichever party ballot you choose, I urge voters in the Village of Essex Junction to write in Darrell Langworthy for Vermont House District 8-2. Mr. Langworthy is a hard working business owner with 2 restaurants, Mark BBQ and Heart n Soul.

He is also a generous community member, providing free weekly meals to those experiencing food insecurity and raising funds for organizations such as Aunt Dot's Place Food Shelf and Josh's House/Josh Pallotta Fund. He also organized the car parades in celebration of Memorial Day and Independence Day, because the traditional community celebrations were cancelled. He is not running on a specific party ballot because he will not vote based on party views, but will vote based on what is best for all Vermonters. What further sets him apart from typical candidates is that he does not accept campaign contributions.

Some of the items on his Action Plan: Making Vermont affordable; Helping new and established small business with programs to help them succeed; Working to expand our economy; Working to lower taxes and the cost of State Education; Stop piggy back legislation attaching irrelevant things to a bill; Help build better response plans for emergencies.

For more information, see his Facebook page Langworthy 2020. His slogan is Change comes from action. If you want change in Montpelier, write in Darrell Langworthy for Vermont House 8-2 Village of Essex Junction on the party ballot of your choice.

Janet Fitzpatrick

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