The recent incidents of police brutality inflicted upon American citizens, and documented with alarming regularity in the media, are of such an appalling nature that simple logic and human decency demands our moral outrage.

We have all witnessed the parade of Black Americans being executed before our eyes, where little or no resistance is evident. I like so many, for far too long have clung to the delusion that all of this was just a matter of a" few bad cops". After all what good cop would kill another human being over a minor offense. The problem with this line of thinking is that so many incidents involve more than a single officer. In Charlottesville Va. a large number of idle officers were filmed in visual contact with a group of white supremacists brutally beating a group of peaceful demonstrators. In another incident, earlier this year an elderly, an utterly passive senior citizen is hurled too the ground by a police officer. Striking his head so violently on the cement sidewalk that he was knocked unconscious. He lie still on the ground bleeding from the head as countless uniformed police walked past and did nothing. It was later announced that he had a brain injury.

In an equally appalling incident, a veteran is filmed being beaten with a baton many times. While he stands perfectly still, offering no threat whatsoever.

Most recently, an armed man, who had just shot and killed Two people is filmed walking down the middle of the street in Kenosha, armed with an assault weapon, engaging police who driving past within 6 feet of him. Later it was reported that police in Kenosha head been greeting and sharing water with armed militia members who had not been invited to Kenosha. This needs repetition -they were armed and not invited. This represents the second event this year where armed militia showed up at a protest and the police refused to do anything. This can't possibly be a benefit to the general safety. Do I bring a weapon the next time because someone who opposes my view brings a weapon?

These are just a few examples that suggest the police exhibit a prejudice against people of color and citizens who do not share their political orientation.

In recent years there has been a precipitous rise (57%) in acts of violence committed by white supremacists against minorities. It strikes me painfully that the police contribute to this persecution, either wittingly or in ignorance.This needs to change.

While neither judge nor jury, but charged with upholding the Constitution, many police no longer see their mission as one of "to protect and serve".

We have all benefitted from the "Good Works" of responsible police officers. It is not my intent to to paint all police with a single broad brush. This would be inaccurate and unfair and would reduce the issue to ludicrous simplicity. However, the violence perpetrated by police that we all have witnessed appears to be increasing.There also appears to be a "wink and a nod" to white supremacist militias. This would be a very dangerous development for the entire country. All of this suggests more than a tacit endorsement of racism in too many police departments. Please consider, where there is this much smoke there is surely a fire.

Regardless of their feelings toward certain individuals. Every citizen in this country is entitled under the law to be afforded fair and equal treatment. Whether the police like it or not the right to demonstrate is inviolate. I would never advocate defunding the police. This is an absurd notion. However we must have a police force better prepared to ensure that all of us are treated equally under the law. This is a most reasonable expectation and our most precious of founding principles. Something needs to happen. If the police are allowed to proceed on their present course, I wonder how worse it will get, and whether some day they might come for us. Read your history. In closing, God Bless the responsible police who do so much unselfishly to keep us safe. We owe them our active support.

Frank Murphy

Essex Junction

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