The Town has denied my say in regards to our town budget all these years seeing as I travel for work and routinely vote by absentee ballot in most elections. This is unacceptable to me, but clearly not to our town officials as this has never been changed. If they can't make voting on an annual budget a fair process for everyone in the Town then why on earth would I ever consider trusting them with the details of, and voting for, a merger?

For this reason alone, my vote for a merger is already a resounding 'NO' and not likely to change. Not to mention that anyone who looks at the actual FACTS easily realizes one thing that no one can deny. If the merger goes through and you live in the Town of Essex YOUR TAXES WILL GO UP. Period, end of story. That is, unless you actually trust your local government to lower your taxes somehow by consolidating services (that will ultimately then have to be expanded for everyone in both the Town and Junction - and that takes more money!) Does anyone honestly believe that these costs would go down? I for one certainly do not. How does anyone truly think that this question also doesn't once again come down to Town versus Village. Although, this time around the use of social media will ultimately make this argument toxic and even more divisive in the end.

Bill Silverstrim