As an elected official I would love to have access to all 10 neighborhoods in my district ( EWSD) on Front Porch Forum. But FPF in their wisdom allows me to access my neighborhood only. Sad, I think. But they won't budge unless I pay thousands to access.

Perhaps the gentleman should do some homework before he makes claims that are not true?

Hey Ken, if you want to chip into the paying off the Village debt, please do. I'm sure the Finance Department can set up a payment plan for you to contribute. And thank you very much from my fellow Village residents and business owners.

To everyone else reading this, please do your homework on the merger issue. There is a multitude of factual information on the websites connected to the Town and Village, besides the videos of meeting where this issue has been discussed. Much was pre-COVID so there's public in the room with officials as they discuss. It's not a simple issue. There will always be short-term pros and cons; we have seen that for decades. Time now is to think long-term. What do you want to see of this community ten years from now? That we are continuing this bickering environment or put it to rest and work together.

Do your homework and then vote.

Diane Clemons

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