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[The “Working towards a greater Essex” regular column has been replaced this week by a guest column. This column represents the opinion of the authors and does not speak for the Essex Selectboard, the Essex Junction Trustees, or any individual board member.]

Merger Fails while SAS Shines Since 1958, the Town and Village have tried unsuccessfully to come together in order to pay for each other’s stuff. It’s time for those who’d repeat that history in 2020 to hit the “pause” button on another proposed Tax Shift. It is, in fact, time to change the channel. It’s […]

Working toward a Greater Essex: What’s Missing? I’m responding to “Why don’t the Town and Village just merge and get it over with” dated September 18th, by George Tyler, a Village Trustee. Why are ten photos always displayed with this column when there are only one or two authors. Is it to imply that all […]

Municipal trash collection worth a look A few months ago, the news reported that Burlington and So Burlington were doing a feasibility study to determine if municipal trash collection would work.  I believe the study would cost $50,000. We have lived in 3 other states with municipal trash collection.  Every week I see 3 or […]

Shame on UVMMC The front page articles on August 29 caused me to pause.  “Sins of our past” detailed, of course, the horrendous abuse found within the sacred houses of worship in the Catholic Diocese.  Shedding light on those involved is necessary to purge child abuse within this faith group.  What struck me as ironic […]

Educators must act against climate change According to a new study in the journal Science, planting billions of trees around the world would be the cheapest and most effective way to tackle the climate crisis.  The study suggests that if all nations throughout the world planted 1.2 trillion trees it would reduce the Co2 emissions […]

To Merge or not to merge: The Essex question I’m a Village of Essex Junction business owner who resides in rural Essex. When Town residents voted to not merge in 2007 I thought that was the end of it. I now realize that a merger initiative is moving ahead quickly. To get informed I attended […]

Support for leash law at Indian Brook I was pleased to read here that the Selectboard plans to discuss the leash law at Indian Brook Park, which seems to have evolved into a dog park. As recent comments on Front Porch Forum and among my neighbors and friends will attest, things seem to be getting […]

Shooting should be banned in Saxon Hill area People move to Essex to enjoy the many public areas of Essex as a whole, even if what they enjoy is not directly on their street or neighborhood.  They do Not buy a house and ask where the nearest shooting range is, or am I within a […]

Thank you from Aunt Dots On behalf of the clients and volunteers of Aunt Dot’s Place, I would like to thank the Town of Essex Selectboard for approving our request for a grant from the 2019 Human Services fund.  The money received will go directly into providing relief for the food insecure in the communities […]

Improvements needed for pedestrian safety I am encouraged by the sidewalk construction on lower Towers Road, connecting the Meadow’s Edge development with the intersection of Routes 15 and 128. This work will improve pedestrian safety and encourage more walking by residents in that area. But we shouldn’t stop there. Improvements for pedestrian safety and travel […]

Shame on Reporter for graduation photo It has been 6 years since I lived in Essex Junction and whenever I am in the Village I pick up the The Essex Reporter to see what is happening in the community where I raised my family for 26 years.  I feel that I need to write to […]

Praise for emergency responders Kudos to the Essex Police and Essex Rescue last Thursday for their prompt, helpful and caring response. I was delivering Meals on Wheels to a client in Brickyard, but the always unlocked door was locked and when I looked in I could see her lying in the living room, unable to […]

EHS mishandled Pepe incident Before I dive into my thoughts on how the recent Pepe incident, I would first like to ask to remain anonymous. This is not necessarily because I am worried about how those closest to me will react but rather because I believe that what I am about to say represents many […]

Editor’s note: The Reporter has spoken with the authors of the following two letters and are withholding their names to protect the identity of their children, who were involved in the May 31 incident involving Pepe the Frog, which The Reporter detailed in a front-page article last week. School mishandled Pepe the Frog incident Please […]

The students in Timiny Bergstrom’s class at the Summit Street School submitted letters as part of a lesson on writing pieces to persuade others. We should never throw trash on the ground We should pick up trash because it is bad for the Earth. Would you pick up trash if you saw it on the […]

The students in Timiny Bergstrom’s class at the Summit Street School submitted letters as part of a lesson on writing pieces to persuade others. We will the final letter next week. Appreciate wildlife more We should appreciate wildlife more because of the beautiful scenery. All of those animals are getting fed by all of you. […]

Show our athletic fields more respect As a resident of Foster Road  for nearly 30y ears and a parent of 4 children who have grown up using athletic fields on Foster Road I am disheartened by the lack of respect shown for these wonderful facilities. The amount of trash that is left littered all over […]