Jacob Berino

Jacob Berino

Vermont State Police (VSP) say an attempted motor vehicle stop on Essex’s circumferential highway led to a pair of high-speed pursuits and an eventual arrest of a Jericho man.

Jacob Berino, 27, was charged with Negligent Operation and Attempting to Elude.

Wednesday morning, a VSP trooper reportedly tried to pull over a motorcycle that had been operating in a negligent manner on VT Route 289. After appearing to adhere to law enforcement, the operator accelerated to a high rate of speed and exited onto Essex Way. The motorcycle entered the Lang Farm neighborhood at approximately 70 mph--well in excess of the posted 30 mph limit.

The trooper was not able to identify the operator since the registration was apparently invalid. The pursuit was ended for the safety of the many pedestrians who were in the area. Those in the vicinity advised the trooper as to which direction they had seen the motorcycle traveling, and the trooper then reportedly observed the bike moving at the speed limit.

When a second stop was attempted, VSP says the motorcycle again sped off and reached up to 80 mph as it left the neighborhood and turned onto VT Route 15. With the amount of traffic present, the trooper decided to terminate the chase.

Minutes later, the motorcycle was reportedly seen running a red light in Williston by Williston Police officers. When a member of the Williston Police Department tried to stop the vehicle, it accelerated once again and was not pursued by the officer. Shortly after, a second Williston officer observed the motorcycle pull behind the Williston Central School where the operator parked it before walking away.

Williston Police took the driver, identified as Berino, into custody without incident. He was cited by Vermont State Police and Williston Police in addition to receiving several tickets. Berino was scheduled to appear in court on July 7 to answer to the charges of Negligent Operation and Attempting to Elude.


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