The Essex Police Department (EPD) recently issued a press release cautioning the public about a potential scam which has targeted community members.

The advisement states that, around Jan. 2, EPD became aware that at least 2 people received a message on their cell phone which appeared to be a warning pertaining to seniors’ safety. It read, “Essex Junction, Vermont: Recent Attacks On Seniors Prompt Police To Issue Public Safety Alert, Urging Older Residents To Carry New Safety Device.”

EPD wants the community to know that it did not send or authorize the messages and that the messages appear to be advertisements trying to sell personal safety alarms. Essex Police has contacted the parent company of the mobile applications from which the messages stemmed; the company claimed to be investigating the complaint and indicated that it’s possible the message in question could be linked to its mobile applications that use outside advertisements.

The personal alarm company has a history with similar deceptive advertising as confirmed with EPD by the Better Business Bureau.

“The Essex Police recommends extreme caution when responding to such advertising,” the press release noted. “Please be very careful with emails, text and even phone calls asking for any personal or financial information. We highly suggest that you do not provide such information over the phone or internet and contact your local police if you have questions or concerns.”

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