Posing with the class

{span}Lions Club President Dr. Carmelle Terborgh and Treasurer Doris Maynard with St. Francis Xavier School 3rd graders following the presentation of dictionaries as part of the Lions Words for Thirds Program. {/span}

Members of the Essex Junction Lions Club visited the Saint Francis Xavier School third grade class recently and presented every student with a special edition dictionary to encourage literacy.

Lions Club President Dr. Carmelle Terborgh along with Club Treasurer Doris Maynard told teacher Jeanne Rousseau’s class about the five service areas that are core to the Lions Club mission: helping those with diabetes, preventing avoidable blindness, eliminating hunger, protecting the environment, and helping families dealing with childhood cancer.

Thank you hug

St. Francis Xavier School 3rd grader Solange Uwahmahoro shares a thank you hug with Lions Club Treasurer Doris Maynard as Club President Dr. Carmelle Terborgh looks on.

In addition, the Essex Junction Lions participate in a Words for Thirds program that involves distributing dictionaries to third grade students in the area. “We love helping our communities in many ways,” explained Terborgh, “and we particularly enjoy encouraging literacy and reading for young people.”

To further this goal, Terborgh and Maynard handed out dictionaries that included a wide range of information, from a list of all U. S. presidents to instructions on American Sign Language to a reference to the longest word in the English language (which contains nearly 2,000 letters in case you were wondering!). As an extra bonus, Terborgh and Maynard also handed out cross bookmarks that had been created and donated by another member of a local Lions Club.

The students were delighted by both the books and the bookmarks and wasted no time paging through their new gifts and sharing information with one another about what they found there. Mrs. Rousseau shared her class’ excitement. “I love reading and I love anything that gets my students excited about the amazing things they can find in books,” said Rousseau. “We are so fortunate to have community partners like the Lions Club to keep the light of learning burning bright for our kids.”

Explaining the Lions Club

Lions Club President Dr. Carmelle Terborgh and Treasurer Doris Maynard explain some of the community service work that Lions Club members engage in worldwide. 

Saint Francis Xavier School is a Catholic elementary school that serves children throughout northwestern Vermont from preschool (age 3) to 8th grade.

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