Press has failed time and again

Dear Mr. Lynn;

I found this referenced “perspective” commentary very disturbing and disappointing (“Enemy of the People?” Aug. 30).

Disappointing because reading The Essex Reporter for many years I had thought it uncommitted to partisan politics. Disturbing because you display in this piece irrational demagogic assertions intended to influence readers to believe terrible wrongs regarding the President of the US.

Thus, undermining, not only the policies he is trying to implement, but undermining the very principals our nations was founded on.

You ask, “what does he mean, American journalist are the enemy of the people”? and then proceed to offer all the wrong answers and proceed to re-play the tired smear of and unfounded connection to the Russian involvement in our election and then, daring to claiming it “proven.” This is “fake news”

This “fake news” phenonium by US journalist is now well established and world famous. Pew research found 64% of adult Americans said that “made-up” news causes confusion. John Hawkins of Town Hall, 2016 published seven examples of “fake news””.

Jon Anthony sited five examples of CNN’s fake news. CNN’s July 27 discussion with Lanny Davis was titles “Trumps daily stream of misinformation”, a pre-determination and unproven assertion.

The BBC said (about this US phenomenon) “having a large number of people in society who are misinformed, is absolutely devastating”.

How dare you simply claim that Trump has taken the nation in a dangerous direction, and that to attack journalist is the first rule of a dictator. Where is your commitment to dialog, debate and transparency? You don’t attempt to prove any of your points; simple slander is enough.

If Vermont, as you say, has truly embraced truth and transparency, the force that strengthens our democracy, how is it that Bernie Sanders was never challenged by the press to explain how his socialist dreams will be paid for? Only now, because his ignorant acolyte, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is such a stupid klutz, is their ideas finally showing themselves unachievable and dangerous. Had the press, at any time demanded answers from Sanders, he would never have been more than a mayor of Burlington.

And you, along with the national press, were not there.

Leslie Allen