Redmond will bring much-needed voice to House
I am writing a letter in support of Marybeth Redmond for the Vermont House, representing Essex (8-1). I am confident that she will bring a unique, much-needed voice to the State House. Marybeth has spent much of her life working with woman and families of diverse socioeconomic, cultural and religious backgrounds. She has years of experience understanding the challenges working woman and families face every day and currently serves as a commissioner on the Vermont Commission on Women. Marybeth not only sees the needs that face our community, but she is working towards finding solutions. And, if you have had the opportunity to talk with Marybeth, then you know that she listens…really listens. While many of us are frustrated in today’s political climate, Marybeth decided it was time to make some real change, by starting locally. She will be a true advocate for the issues that Essex residents are concerned about, including livable wages, affordable housing, affordable healthcare and safe public schools. Please vote for Marybeth Redmond (D) for state representative.

Lisa Cannizzaro


Redmond will work for Vermonters
I met Marybeth Redmond for the first time this past spring, but I already knew of the inspirational work she has been doing for the citizens of Essex and all Vermonters for many years; her reputation preceded her. Over the past year, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Marybeth and in a very short amount of time, she has earned my profound respect and admiration.

Friends of mine that were her students during her six years at St. Michael’s College tell me she was a much beloved professor. I heard from a staff member at Pathways Vermont that they still use a writing program for incarcerated women that Marybeth developed years ago. It is clear to me that the work Marybeth does makes a significant and positive impact on others. I believe that as a House Representative for Chittenden 8-1, she will do the same for Essex.

As a community, we need representatives who will speak for the voices that have been silenced, hushed or muffled. Marybeth’s entire career has been in service to others and she is particularly adept in addressing the issues of those marginalized by society, working to improve quality of life and advocating for human dignity. She does not stand on the shoulders of others, she stands with them. When Marybeth is in the lead, she always reaches back to pull others forward. The embodiment of empathy and inclusion, Marybeth lives by example. She is not interested in talking at you, rather, she wants to hear from you.

Marybeth Redmond will work for the economic well-being of all Vermonters by working for livable wage jobs, affordable healthcare and housing, safe and vibrant public schools, equal pay for women and just systems that serve everyone. She has my full support.

Abigail Tykocki


I’m voting for Redmond
I’ll be voting for Marybeth Redmond to represent Essex (Chittenden 8-1) this November. I’ve known Marybeth for over ten years and I’m voting for her because it’s time for a change. More than ever, I feel we need new thinking, new relationships, and new outcomes from Montpelier. I like Marybeth’s focus on workforce development, higher education, and livable-wage employment here in Vermont. Her work with the Vermont Commission on Women is really important to me because it means she understands the importance of advancing rights and opportunities for women and girls. Marybeth will be successful as our Representative because she has what it takes – she has an uncanny ability to listen calmly to diverse viewpoints, check facts, and work diligently with others to develop common-sense solutions to sticky problems. If you’ve talked with Marybeth, you know she’s approachable and 100 percent committed to her service of others. It’s time for a fresh voice. Please join me in voting for Marybeth Redmond.

Dianne Gross Percy


Myers for state rep
I am writing to express my wholehearted support for Linda Myers for State Representative, Chittenden 8-1, Essex Town.

I have known Linda for over 30 years, having worked with her on issues back when she was Managing Editor at The Essex Reporter and as a member of the Essex Selectboard and as an Essex Town Representative.

Linda has the reputation of being an exceptional listener, respectfully asking probing questions, so as to insure an understanding of all points of view. She consistently seeks out all the facts before analyzing an issue and rendering her opinion. I have never known her to speak out without having done this. I find this to be a very valued trait.

Linda has been both a credible and effective voice for Essex Town in Montpelier. It is for the above reasons that I will be supporting Linda for re-election and urge Essex Town voters to do the same.

Kent Booraem


Support for Redmond, Vyhovsky
As a longtime Essex resident, I am looking forward to voting for two great candidates running in my 8-1 district. Marybeth Redmond has years of experience and community service. She will be a fresh and thoughtful voice for Essex while serving us in Montpelier. Marybeth will be working hard for livable wages, affordable housing and quality schools. Tatiana (Tanya) Vyhovsky, an Essex grad running her own small biz/practice right in Essex, will bring her contagious energy and drive to our other capital city seat. With Tanya’s insight as a social worker for local youth, she’ll be a vital voice representing all. I have no doubt that each will benefit the Essex community that they know so well. At the state Senate level, Chris Pearson, aside from being a dad, a spouse to a teacher, and working his own firm, is a down to earth listener. He will continue his work as a representative to solve a wide range of issues facing Vermont, including protecting our struggling lakes and waterways, which in turn will boost our economy and the quality of our Vermont life. With so much at stake, please, get out and vote on or before Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Gina Halpin Barrett


Support for Dylan and Lori
The Village of Essex Jct. – Chittenden District 8-2 – is extremely fortunate to have two skilled and committed legislators seeking re-election to the Vermont House. I am supporting Lori Houghton and Dylan Giambatista as they both seek a second term to once again represent those of us who live in the village.

Both have been incredibly active in Essex Jct., working to make our neighborhoods better places to live. Their most visible signs of community connections are monthly conversations that convene to stay in touch with residents and their regular presence at community events and conversations. Come blizzard or rain storm, they hear from neighbors who seek information and answers to pressing questions, such as funding for mental health, the direction public education will take, and the evolution of our healthcare system. Lori and Dylan are great listeners who ask as many questions as they answer. While they are experts in many areas, I see them seeking information and guidance from attendees. Just what I want in a representative.

Beyond these meetings, both are active in the affairs of Essex Jct. Lori serves as a village trustee, small business owner, employee of a global tech information company, and founder of Five Corners Farmers Market. Dylan’s day job is helping raise the financial literacy of all of us, from high school students to working adults. He brings the perspective we need in Montpelier.

A vote for Dylan and Lori is a vote for thoughtful representation in Montpelier and for representatives who will put the needs of the Village and residents of Chittenden 8-2 first, needs they will have identified by regular conversations with those of us who live here. I hope you will join me on November 6 in returning Dylan and Lori to Montpelier.

Greg Morgan
Essex Jct.


Vote Redmond
I am supporting Marybeth Redmond for Vermont House of Representatives and you should too. Here are just a few reasons why:

Marybeth is smart and principled. She draws on years of experience as a journalist and an educator, as a mom and a wife, and as a Commissioner on the Vermont Commission on Women.

Marybeth believes in hard work. She is committed to ensuring that Vermonters have livable wages, affordable housing and health care. Marybeth listens. And she will advance the needs and interests of our community in Montpelier.

Marybeth is relatable. She is a leader who cares. She walks the talk and is a model of character and integrity.

We need more common sense and less rhetoric in government and I believe Marybeth is the person who will bring it. Vote early or get to the polls on Tuesday, Nov 6!

Mary Brodsky-Kinney


Voting for Dylan
We are supporting Dylan Giambatista for re-election to the Vermont House. We have been very impressed with Dylan’s work and dedication.

Dylan makes a point of returning every phone call and email he receives. He frequently incorporates feedback from community members, bringing our voices to the State House.

Dylan communicate updates to the community during the legislative session. In addition to holding regular forums and attending community meetings and gatherings, he shares updates on Front Porch Forum, in the Essex Reporter, and on twitter and Facebook.

Dylan partnered with fellow State Representative Lori Houghton to hold regular community meetings to gather feedback and ideas from Essex Junction residents. Our State Representatives have held more than 15 forums for community members since first winning election in 2016.

Dylan is an active community member who serves as a Justice of the Peace and as a volunteer on local and statewide boards such as: the board of civil authority, Essex Community Historical Society Board of Trustees, Vermont State Colleges Board of Trustees and Vermont House Education Committee.

As a member of the House Education Committee and a trustee on the Vermont State Colleges Board of Trustees, Dylan is in touch with educators and employers and is plugged into conversations about how to grow jobs and economic opportunities for all Vermonters.

Dylan has made a point of working across the aisle with members of all parties. This is especially important in a moment when legislative gridlock in Washington DC has stopped progress on a number of important issues.

We need to re-elect Dylan so he can continue to focus on ways to grow our economy the Vermont way.

By re-electing Dylan, we can count on another term of open communication and transparency.

Richard and Carolyn Smiles
Essex Jct.


You have two votes. Make Redmond one
I am voting for Marybeth Redmond for the Vermont House of Representatives on November 6th.

If you live in Chittenden 8-1 (Town of Essex) you may cast your ballot for two representatives. Cast one of your votes for Marybeth.

As the executive director of the Vermont Commission on Women from 2003-2012, I spent many hours watching legislators at work, and it is hard work. They have to really listen: to their constituents, to the folk who come before their committee to argue for or against a piece of legislation, to other members of their committee, to other members of the legislature both in the house and the senate and finally they have to really listen to their own mind and heart before casting their vote for what they truly believe is in the best interest of their community and all Vermonters.

Marybeth is one of the most empathetic listeners that I have ever met. You only need to spend a short time with her to observe her strong moral core. As she says in her campaign literature: I promise to advocate for creative, common-sense solutions, and to bring authenticity and integrity as your representative in Montpelier.

I am not alone in this observation. I met a new neighbor at the mailbox who had recently moved into the state. Marybeth had knocked on her door to introduce herself. She remarked that Marybeth was such a good listener that she was very impressed and was certainly going to vote for her. Another neighbor, upon seeing Marybeth’s sign on my lawn, told me that Marybeth had his vote because not only had she listened to what he felt were important issues but also she had sent him a follow up postcard!

The icing on the cake is that Marybeth has had a career in journalism, and will be able to communicate effectively with our town in the pages of The Essex Reporter!

You have two votes. Cast one of them for Marybeth Redmond.

Wendy Love
Essex Jct.


Redmond knows how to listen
I write to express my strong support for Marybeth Redmond for Vermont House of Representatives. I believe she is uniquely suited and beyond qualified to represent Essex. Marybeth has spent her entire career building relationships and creating programs that help underserved communities find their voice. She deeply understands the transformative power of storytelling and knows how to ask the kinds of questions that lead to action and improved quality of life for families and communities. She knows how to listen. Marybeth has impressed me as a candidate and has already begun to work tirelessly to understand the needs of the community she will serve. If you are lucky enough to cast your vote for Marybeth, please do!

Liz Subin