Re-elect Houghton
I want to encourage every voter in the Village of Essex Jct. to cast their vote to re-elect Lori Houghton to the Vermont House of Representatives.

Since I moved to the Junction 17 years ago, I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of working with Lori Houghton on a myriad of community projects and have had ample opportunity to see Lori’s leadership in action. Lori has been a village trustee since 2011, was involved in starting the Five Corners Farmers Market and served on the Heart and Soul of Essex Board. Lori seems to be present at every community gathering while serving as a Village trustee, working full time, being a wonderful parent, volunteering in our schools, and owning a small business, Sam’s Scoop Shop! She is committed to our community and represents us well at the Statehouse.

On a more personal note, Lori is friendly, tactful and diplomatic. She is easily accessible, either by phone, e-mail, or social media and is a very giving, honest, trustworthy and dependable person.

One of the things I appreciate most about Lori and Dylan Giambatista, (vote for him too!), is their commitment to communication and connection. Together, they hold monthly community conversations which provide an opportunity for all to voice their concerns about our community and Vermont.

Bridget Meyer
Essex Jct.


Firefighters: Vote for Turner
As a life-long resident of Milton and a 55-year member of the Milton Fire Department, I am requesting your support of Donald Turner Jr. as lieutenant governor of Vermont in our upcoming November election.

I had the privilege of being on the interview committee in 1983 when we signed Don on as a new member of our volunteer department. We recognized him as a young man eager to work hard to serve his community and fellow firefighters on the department.

He soon proved that he was a contributing member when selected by his peers as Milton Firefighter of the Year in 1987, 1997 and 2001. In 1990, he was chosen Chittenden County Firefighter of the Year, and in 2003 while serving as our assistant chief, he received the State Fire Chief of the Year award at the annual state convention. These honors were bestowed upon him as people recognized his strength of character and dedication to getting the job done. For the past 14 years he did an outstanding job serving our department as our fire chief.

As a dedicated family man and one who has served our community in various capacities, I know that Don will work hard advocating for programs that will recruit and retain members on the volunteer fire departments throughout the state as he knows through experience how beneficial you are to the safety and protection for the members of the communities you serve.

Robert E. Lombard


Sirotkin is an advocate
State Sen. Michael Sirotkin has dedicated himself to representing us in the Vermont Senate. I saw his work as an advocate when I was in the legislature and worked closely with his late wife, Sally Fox, when she was the Essex Town rep. Michael has continued this advocacy since entering the Senate five years ago, most recently with his appointment as chairman of the Senate Economic Development Committee. In just the past year he has led on such important issues as a higher minimum wage, an affordable paid family leave bill, a nation-leading sexual harassment law, data privacy protections in response to the Equifax breach, internet neutrality and more. He is very responsive to all constituents and has developed a well-earned reputation among his peers as an extremely hard working and effective legislator. Please join me in voting for him again as one our six Chittenden County senators on November 6.

Tim Jerman
Essex Jct.


Re-elect Dylan Giambatista
Election Day is right around the corner and Vermonters will be making several important decisions about who represents our values in Washington, D.C. and in Montpelier. I look forward to choosing Dylan Giambatista to once again represent Essex Jct. as a member of the Vermont House of Representatives.

Dylan was first elected in 2016 and has made the most of his two years in office. He has been at the front of several new initiatives that passed into law, including a new set of protections to keep sensitive personal voting information secure. As a member of the House Education Committee, Dylan led an effort to provide Vermont Nation Guard members access to post-secondary education and training in recognition of their service to our state and community. His bill passed and was signed into law this year, opening new doors to higher education for men and women in uniform.

But more important to me is the fact that Dylan is connected and accessible to the community. He is seemingly everywhere at once, engaging in Junction issues from top to bottom. He serves as a Justice of Peace, on the Board of Civil Authority, Essex Community Historical Society Board of Trustees, and Vermont State Colleges Board of Trustees. Both Dylan and Lori Houghton have regular community meetings to hear from our neighbors and answer questions about what’s happening in Montpelier. By re-electing Dylan, we can count on another term of open communication and transparency

These are some of the many reasons why I’ll be voting for Dylan this Election Day. If you haven’t had the chance to meet Dylan at your door, I encourage you to reach out to him. I’m sure you’ll agree that he is the right choice for our community.

Ryan McLaren
Essex Jct.


Marybeth Redmond has my vote
I met Marybeth years ago at a rally for women’s rights. There is no one better equipped to serve in Vermont’s House of Representatives. Marybeth’s accomplishments are many. Teacher and journalist, activist and mentor, writer and advocate are only a few of the roles she has carried out over the years. Marybeth has opened her home to refugees, has mentored women and children in need, serves on the Vermont Commission on Women, and co-founded Writing Inside Vermont (, an organization that promotes writing for Vermont’s incarcerated women. She is an active Essex parent, a servant of her community, a champion for the underprivileged, and a strong voice for equality. In this current contentious political climate, we need leaders like Marybeth who understand the legislative process, can consider all viewpoints and reach across the aisle to accomplish what’s best for Vermonters. She is hardworking, effective, and honest. Please join me in voting for her on November 6.

Lezlee Sprenger


Voting for Giambatista
I’m writing to express my support for the Essex Junction candidate Dylan Giambatista in his campaign for re-election. Dylan displayed in his first term as state representative the sort of communication and outreach skills that should be the hallmark of any politician representing their constituency. In an era of decisiveness in politics, Dylan is open, transparent and highly communicative with his legislative updates and a willingness to accept feedback be it through community forums, Front Porch Forum and activity on social media.

As a member of the Essex Westford School Board, I have been able to witness first-hand the advantage that Dylan’s presence in the legislature has provided our village. In Dylan, we have a voice that can bring school leader concerns directly to where it matters, which has been invaluable as we find ourselves navigating the waters of a post Act 46 world. As we were one of the very first communities in Vermont to unify, Dylan’s presence means that we never need to face these challenges alone. In the past few years when Vermont struggles with the increasing lateness of a passing its budget, Dylan has kept our board up to date on changes that would impact how the adjustments to education funding impacts our taxes.

Until two years ago, I never once considered placing a sign on my lawn to support any candidate. Today, for the second election cycle in a row, I was eager to place Dylan Giambatista’s at the end of my driveway. I encourage all Essex Jct. residents to support him this November 6 on Election Day.

Patrick Murray
Essex Jct.


Support for Myers
Many people have written letters to the editor supporting Rep. Linda Myers in her bid for re-election to her seat in the Vermont House of Representatives. I, too, hope to see Linda return to the legislature to continue her work for Essex. But I have another reason to wish for Linda’s return to Montpelier.

As a long-time coach at Essex High School, I am very much aware of what Linda has done for our state championship athletes as well as other members of the Essex community. Linda follows the activities of EHS students and residents, and when their achievements merit special recognition, Linda initiates the preparation of legislative resolutions to be approved by the House and Senate that are then presented for individual achievements or to every member of a team. Linda also invites the recipients of the resolutions to Montpelier for in-person recognition by the House of Representatives. If the resolution awardees cannot make it to the Statehouse, Linda makes sure to take the resolution to the high school or to individuals’ homes so they have the record of their recognition. In the 2017-2018 biennium, Linda initiated resolutions for 24 teams and individuals. If you are a parent of a state champion athlete or scholar, or an individual who has received a resolution from the legislature, it is more than likely that the request for the resolution and its path through the legislature was initiated by Rep. Linda Myers.

In her years in Montpelier, Linda has been involved in the daily work that makes Vermont a great state, but as a former coach at Essex High School, she recognizes the importance of showing Essex athletes, scholars and residents that they are appreciated by their legislators and deserve recognition. Linda’s dedication to her community should be recognized by re-electing her to the Vermont House of Representatives.

Brittany McGuire
Essex Jct.


Vote for Redmond
I’m writing to encourage Essex voters to vote for Marybeth Redmond for state representative (Chittenden 8-1). Her integrity and fresh perspective are exactly what we need in the Vermont Legislature.

Marybeth’s policy positions are progressive and empathetic, but also practical, advocating for the changes we’d all like to see in Vermont while taking into account the realities of our small budget and population. In particular, I support her holistic approach towards reducing incarceration through addressing addiction and mental illness, a strategy that can help heal our communities while also saving the state money.

I’ve known Marybeth and her husband for years through our church, and she has already done so much for our community and its most vulnerable members, including her work on the Vermont Commission on Women and volunteering with the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program. Throughout her campaign, Marybeth has been extremely dedicated to reaching out to Essex residents to hear their concerns and educating herself on the issues they face. I’m excited to see what she can achieve in public office.

It is more important than ever to make your voice heard, so make sure to vote either by an absentee ballot from the town offices or in person on November 6.

Mia Watson
Essex Jct.


Support Redmond
On November 6, I will be voting for a genuinely good-hearted person for Vermont State Representative. Her name is Marybeth Redmond. In nearly every election, you and I are asked to vote for a name of someone from one party or the other, and really don’t know who these people actually are. Not them as a political person, but the actual Mom or Dad. Brother. Sister. Friend. Neighbor. For me, this year is different. See, this year, I am supporting a person who I do know, and one I’d like to take a moment to tell you about. Then maybe you’ll get to know who you are voting for as well.

Over the past eight years, I’ve gotten to know Marybeth, and her family. I’ve seen her as a friendly neighbor, organizing efforts to make our neighborhood better by getting us involved. When our road was falling apart and desperately needed repairs, Marybeth led the charge to get the town to fix our road. It was repaired quickly.

I’ve seen her as a friend offering up support, and her home to a refugee family looking for a better life in America. Helping them reach their dreams.

I’ve seen her as a mother. Let me say something here. There are few teenagers on this planet who are as respectful, caring, friendly, and well-rounded in pretty much all aspects of life as Marybeth’s son. It is a true testament to Marybeth and Mark to have raised a child like Liam. It is an honor to get to even meet this young man.

I’ve also seen Marybeth as a compassionate Vermonter. November of 2016 was kind of a surreal moment for many of us. Over the course of the following few months, with the disrespect we were seeing coming from the White House toward women, minorities, and a host of marginalized groups, Marybeth needed to take action. She joined in the Women’s March. She organized meetings locally, and ultimately, she decided that the biggest difference she could make was to run as our Representative. She could be there for us. She is not doing this for herself. That’s not the type of person she is. As I said before, she’s genuine. Top to bottom.

Marybeth’s motivation is to make Vermont a better place for you and me. It’s her passion. It’s what drives her. She’s seen our potential as a collective community. She knows what we can do if we stand together and push for what’s right. That’s the way Marybeth is.

So, this is the reason I’m voting for Marybeth Redmond on November 6th. I know who we are getting with her, and I hope you now know as well.

Jason Greiner


Votin’ for Houghton
I am writing to endorse Lori Houghton for the House.

Speaking recently with a retiring long-time legislator and committee chair, she named our own Lori Houghton as a “legislator to watch” because she believed Lori embodied the positivity and partnership that we all hope is still possible in our state. She said Lori had established herself in the State House as fair, smart, and reasonable. Lori was trusted and true to the needs of her community, above all else.

This is just one reason I enthusiastically support Lori to continue to represent Essex Jct. in the House. Montpelier needs to hear from someone so deeply rooted in our village. Lori is committed to seeing our village, and its residents, thrive. She has a personal stake in the success of our schools, businesses, governance and economy, because she participates actively in all of those.

Lori is a strong woman who is a smart, natural leader. She is a trusted small business owner who knows the realities of making payroll, the full cost of health care, and the importance of valuing employees. She is a full time professional, a village trustee, and a volunteer on many local committees, boards and initiatives.

I believe that we need more working mothers, in particular, under the Golden Dome to hear how the state’s decisions are playing out in our community. Lori will continue to take what she learns at trustee meetings and as a community volunteer, and push Montpelier to serve our community better.

When I vote on November 6 I want someone who knows the history of our community and has a vision for its future. I want someone who has served, led and honors our community. I want someone who is naturally curious and isn’t scared to engage us all when weighing how to proceed. I want Lori Houghton to continue to represent Essex Jct., and I hope you will join me.

Maura Collins