Saxon Hill Recreation area:  Essex economic driver

Just one family in Essex who moved here to enjoy Saxon Hill area, now wants 80-year-old parents to live in assisted living here and encourage the Town of Essex to welcome affordable housing for 26-year-old daughter to settle here. Older parents still walk 2 miles per day and the rest of us are competitive runners and run Saxon Hill Road and trails.

Wouldn’t it be nice to convert the very large home not selling at the end of Saxon Hill Road to affordable condos so that young families like our daughter could settle here and raise a family? She would save on daycare while driving to Dealer in Burlington because we are here, and save on school loans even though Dealer is paying for her MBA.

All of us buy local in Essex! You would have more young in town to fill our schools, an active group of young talent which in turn would be an economic driver.

A soccer field at the beginning of Saxon Hill Road could serve this active group while also providing a safer parking lot for users of Saxon Hill trails. Women do not feel safe with existing parking at the end of Thompson Road. Parking for soccer could be surrounded by Vermont native conifers and the road remaining gravel to keep this area pristine. The large home at the end of Saxon Hill Road could also serve in part, as a check in area with cross country skis to rent like what Catamount Rec area has in Williston.The new businesses at the end of Thompson Drive could have bikes to rent for commuters in town to replace driving to work.

Once the ETC Next plan is in place, the connectivity alone will encourage all generations to enjoy Saxon Hill Recreation area and want to move here because of how it increases quality of life, as we did. One only has to look at the Kingdom Trails in Northeast Kingdom to see the 100,000 visitors of all generations drawn to this area.

Patty Davis