The students in Timiny Bergstrom’s class at the Summit Street School submitted letters as part of a lesson on writing pieces to persuade others. We will the final letter next week.

Appreciate wildlife more

We should appreciate wildlife more because of the beautiful scenery. All of those animals are getting fed by all of you. They could possibly ‘die’ that’s so sad. Did you know that you can kill animals from trash? My name is Bryleigh. I’m doing this because I care about the earth. There is a lot of trash and everywhere I look I see trash. This is a problem because more and more animals are dying.

First the problem is that when you bury trash, so when a animal mistakes it as food, they get it stuck in their throat. This happening can lead to death and a visit to the vet.

And, the woodcutter’s you cut down their habitats. Did you realize you are ruining a birds home? And we need air. Did you know that your cutting down mother nature? I know you might be thinking “no” i’m not listening to you. But I might change your mind. Please give me a chance. The are more harm because they are bigger than other animals. If your not mean they will not attack.

I know the bugs might bug you, that does not mean kill them for flying around.

What’s actually happening to the plants is you purposely step on them and they come out of the ground. I think that cutting down trees bad because the trees provide the whole world with oxygen. One time I was behind my house and I could fill a grocery bag full of trash.

Another time I was in a tree and I found trash. Imagine all those sick and hurt animals. I care about animals. And their were trash under rocks and dirt. One time I collected so much trash.

Did you know that the trash does not dissolve? So now that trash will end up in the lakes, ocean, rivers and landfill. I know this is a problem because I’ve seen it with my own eyes. It also causes the vet to have more patients throughout the year. When people drop trash other people swim down to the bottom and could get cut.

The great big garbage patch is filled with trash. Would you want to get hurt? Plastic bags are usually mistaken as jellyfish for turtle and dolphins.

You can make a difference in the world. I love our town, it can be a lot better if you stop littering. I hope you can make the world a better place for us and animals. I go to summit street school. We are teaching the younger kids to do a good job. We were entered in a recycle rally to see how good we are. We’re competing against different schools!


Stop littering at the beach by the water

I am Skylor and this is why you should not use stuff that has to be thrown away. The trash is not good for our Earth. On the beach, when there is trash, things gets swept out into the sea. The sea is not a landfill and that is bad for our Earth.

When you litter on the beach. It goes into the ocean and that is bad for the earth. The trash goes out into the ocean and it’s a landfill underwater. That is bad for the fish and would not have not have anything to look at.

The reason the trash is bad for the land the animals that live on the land can eat the trash and the trash could be poisonous. And when the animals eat it, they can die and the other animals that eat it could die from eating the animal and you wouldn’t like that. One time when I saw trash I picked it up. That way the trash won’t kill the animals because I didn’t want the animals to die because that would be bad.

The third reason we should stop littering at the beach is because of the air.

Just the other day I was walking down the street of and I saw a bird flying through the air and it was carrying a piece of trash and it was taking it. It was going to give it to it’s baby. That’s bad for the bird and the bird can die by eating the trash and the mommy bird can also die because the baby can also die.

Can you stop using stuff that has to be thrown away because it causes landfills to pile up. And that is bad for the environment and the reason the trash is bad for the environment because the animals can die.