Praise for emergency responders

Kudos to the Essex Police and Essex Rescue last Thursday for their prompt, helpful and caring response.

I was delivering Meals on Wheels to a client in Brickyard, but the always unlocked door was locked and when I looked in I could see her lying in the living room, unable to get up. So I called 911 and they notified Essex Rescue while I was on the phone. Then I returned to the door and saw that she was alert and ok, speaking to me, but unable to rise. Her walker was out of reach.

Within five minutes the first police car arrived. The policeman tried the door, went around to the back to try the slider, which was also locked. When I returned to my car (and cellphone) I called both Age Well, the organization that organizes Meals on Wheels, and they notified her emergency contact. I also tried to call her, as I saw she had her cell phone on the floor with her. However, there was NO CELL SERVICE outside her unit.

The policeman worked at the front door carefully and managed to open the lock. The woman was ok, upset that her recliner misfired, and instead of helping her rise from a sitting to standing position, had gone almost to a vertical position and thrown her onto the floor.

At that point two Essex Rescue crews arrived. It couldn’t have been more than 20 minutes from my call to their arrival. Knowing she was now in good hands, I told her I put her food in the refrigerator and left to deliver the rest of the meals.

I regret I didn’t get the policeman’s name, as he was efficient and calm and smart to be able to open her door. So, kudos to them all.

Liz Schick



Thank you for food donations

The Heavenly Food Pantry would like to express its heart-felt appreciation to the US Postal Workers Union and the citizens of Essex for the recent very generous donation of food. With summer approaching, food donations often dwindle, putting at risk those in our community who do not have enough to eat, especially the children.

School programs such as subsidized breakfast and lunch programs are not available once school lets out, but there is a welcome program at the recreation department that offers free breakfast and lunch throughout the summer. The food donated through the postal drive will allow us to fill the need to feed all those who come to us for nourishment and a more secure future. Thank you to all who gave so generously.

Rev. Mark Mendes, Senior pastor