Supporting Irene
I heartily endorse Irene for another term on the selectboard. Without qualifiers, Irene is totally dedicated, spending the time and effort necessary to do the very best job she can. When proposals were presented, Irene spent the necessary time researching the issue, trying to understand both the advantages and disadvantages, and only then voicing support or concern.

I’ve had the opportunity to discuss with Irene, on many occasions, proposals before the board. Although we didn’t always land on the same page, I found Irene had truly studied the issue, and thus could articulate both the perceived advantages, and unexpected consequences. Local taxes were another issue discussed, Irene sharing concern for the insidious creeping-up of taxes, and the impact on residents and business.

For Essex to continue to remain financially viable, and a preferred place to live and raise children, we must elect to the selectboard individuals that are truly knowledgeable. Individuals that have an understanding of the basic tenets of governance, the ability to address diverse issues, and a willingness, and dedication to spend the time and effort necessary to do the job with fairness and equity.

I feel Irene is such a person. She is truly a public servant. When casting your vote, do consider Irene, it would be most unfortunate not to have her back on the selectboard. We need her knowledge, experience, abilities, dedication, and the willingness and stamina to speak out when the situation so demands.

Paul Austin, Essex, Vt.


Vote for Irene
Vote for Irene Wrenner on March 5. She has been a strong advocate for Essex residents, and has been willing to take a stand on important issues that have saved taxpayers money. She has a range of experience and depth of understanding of the issues facing the town that will serve all residents going forward. Re-elect her on March 5th.

Niel Christiansen


Supporting Irene
I’ve been a resident of Essex for the past twenty years – not much interested in politics initially until one day this young lady came to my door and asked me to vote. Oh, not just vote for this person but a much longer conversation about many things, things that I considered important.

This began for me an interest in politics and a belief that things can be made not just better but also guided and helped to become as best as they could become.

That is what I’ve watched and observed in Irene Wrenner over the years; she is an inspiration and guide for things to become as good as they can be.

How does she do this? It’s not complex; it’s through tireless, precise, meticulous work on any given project.

She has dedicated her life to the Town of Essex for many years in many ways. Most prominently serving on the selectboard for years and guiding it through many difficult and contentious issues. She Is a hard worker! She shows up for meetings!!!

She is particularly vigilant about proper process, spending much time and effort ensuring that staff and elected officials work for the greater good and not for a faction nor a fraction of the electorate.

She listens to the voters; indeed, she seeks out their opinions going door to door asking what people think about issues and requesting their input on how they would vote. She does this not just once but again and again.

I accompanied her one time and was amazed at the vast number of people she knew and who knew her just from her going door to door year after year. In this day and age, who does that?

She is someone who seeks to keep taxation equitable which is not as simple as it might seem to some and which in the end will leave people on all sides of the issues feeling dissatisfied.

But if everyone is to be treated equally, then everyone is going to have to give up something to get something else.

She has promoted fair taxation and equitable representation.

She has rejected wasteful spending; she has demanded transparency and improved communication between Town government and town-wide taxpayers.

Irene ran for office to make a difference and she has; she has been a successful check-and-balance on powerful self-interested parties.

She seeks objective truths and demands just outcomes. She doesn’t mince words!

Re-elect Wrenner.

The next person she will fight for at town hall may just be you!

John Sheppard


Supporting Patrick Murray
It gives me a great deal of pleasure to endorse the candidacy of Patrick Murray for a seat on the Essex selectboard. I have known Pat for about 12 years. We first met during our involvement in a community theater troupe. Pat started out as an actor and eventually become the producer/director for the event that has raised thousands of dollars for non-profit organizations including Essex Chips.

I have also been impressed with Pat’s service on the Essex Westford School District Board. He has devoted a significant amount of time working to ensure that the school district board is responsive to the needs of our students. I was very appreciative of the posts Pat made on social media concerning the convoluted busing situation in the community, working to keep residents up to date as to what was happening.

Knowing Pat’s hard work and dedication to the residents of Essex, and, as the daughter of two former selectboard members, I know the work that is involved. I feel Pat will be an outstanding member of the Essex selectboard.

I will be voting for Pat on March 5, and I ask you to join me in casting your vote for Patrick Murray.

Robyn Myers Moore



Another vote for Irene
I have known Irene Wrenner for several years.  I can honestly say that she is one of the few politicians who understands the ins and of issues in both the Town and the Village.

She is known for advocating for Essex residents and their needs and for raising key questions about issues in selectboard discussions. She is very knowledgeable about local politics. When she presents an opinion on an issue, she has already done the research. I will certainly vote for her.

Mary-Ann Parizo, Retired Essex Junction House Representative


Supporting Irene for selectboard
Please support Irene Wrenner in her run for re-election to the Essex selectboard. I had the pleasure to serve alongside Irene and can share from this first hand experience that Irene is incredibly dedicated, thorough, and passionate in all she does to ensure that the Town of Essex remains the amazing community in which we all choose to live. Irene goes above and beyond in her efforts to engage with all members of our community, and listens conscientiously for all actionable input. She is committed to ensuring that every voice in this community is treated fairly and respectfully. We need her perspective and experience to remain on the selectboard, especially as we embark on the important activities of planning for the future of governance across our community. Please join me in supporting Irene at the polls on Tuesday March 5th.

Sue Cook


Another vote for Irene
Since joining the Essex Energy Committee in 2016, I have been continuously impressed by Irene Wrenner’s commitment to public service, and her institutional knowledge of the Essex Community. Irene has guided our Energy Committee from relative dormancy to a point where we are now viewed as a model for other Vermont energy committees, having signed up the largest number of participants of any municipality this past year for the Button Up weatherization program. Irene played a pivotal role in Button Up and the committee’s other efforts through her terrific relationships with municipal staff and other community leaders, and her second-to-none understanding of how to make government and quasi-public organizations like Efficiency VT accountable to Essex residents. I count myself fortunate to have witnessed her in action with the selectboard, even more lucky to work with her on the Energy Committee, and most blessed to count her among my friends. Having someone on the Essex selectboard and other committees genuinely dedicated to public service is a true gem; and having bona fide expertise is all the more precious still. With Irene, we have both. Please join me in voting for Irene at the March 2019 town meeting.

WIll Dodge


Elect Annie Cooper
I write in support of Annie Cooper for Essex selectboard. Annie’s respect and appreciation for our community runs deep and is evidenced by her engagement with our children and her willingness to take on the thankless task of moderating our online community. I’m ready for Essex to move past the divisive rhetoric that has at times consumed our community dialogue.   Annie’s respectful and thoughtful advocacy will serve Essex well.

Corey Wood


Supporting Annie Cooper
I am writing in support of Annie Cooper for the Essex selectboard. I have known Annie for many years through her swim instruction and have always been impressed by her ability to communicate  with both kids and adults in a way that makes them both feel heard and valued.

She listens and is thoughtful in what she says and how she says it. Annie has spoken about the Essex community and the difference it has made in her life; I believe that is why she is so passionate about serving on the board and giving back to the community. I hope you will join me in giving her that chance. Vote for Annie Cooper on March 5th.

Sheila Porter


Supporting Murray, Cooper
After reading candidate profiles in the Essex Reporter and watching Channel 17 Essex Selectboard Candidate Forums, I will be casting my vote for Patrick Murray and Annie Cooper for Essex selectboard.  Both are committed to the best interests of Essex now, and towards the future, as we work on becoming one community. I’ve especially appreciated Patrick’s work as EWSD Board communicator and his emphasis on infrastructure improvement in our town. We need this voice! Annie Cooper is well known as the cheerleader for our Essex community! She loves our town and will serve it well. I encourage you to join me and vote for Annie and Patrick! Vote early at 81 Main St. or on March 5 from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. at Essex High School (Junction) or Essex Middle School (Town). And… let’s get our voting numbers up! Your vote is your voice. Cast your vote no matter who you support.

Bridget Meyer


Cooper, Murray my choices
On March 5 I will be voting for Annie Cooper and Patrick Murray for Selectboard.  Patrick’s work on the Essex-Westford School District Board highlights his concern for the vibrancy of our community.  Having a school board member also serving as a member of the selectboard will build an important bridge between the two major public service institutions in Essex. I am excited to see what this collaboration might produce.

Annie Cooper is a gem for Essex. I am continually amazed at the number of people who know Annie as a swimming instructor who has helped their children grow and thrive. I have watched her take on new tasks with energy and enthusiasm – most recently as the moderator of the EssexVT Facebook page, a job no one wanted. Really, who wants to referee a social media website? Now, I’m watching meaning, respectful conversations emerge. I think she can do the same to the conversations at the selectboard level.

Please remember to vote on March 5 at the polls, perhaps by voting early by requesting a ballot from the Town Clerk at 81 Main Street.

Greg Morgan


Support Murray for selectboard
I have been working with Pat Murray on the EWSD School board for almost two years. In that time, Pat has demonstrated a deep commitment to our community and the issues that connect and divide us. He is smart, thoughtful, articulate and curious – always asking hard questions about how we can do and be better as a whole. Pat is deeply involved in building an equitable school district and all that entails, including strong working relationships with the Village and the Town outside the Village. Serving on both boards will benefit all entities and allow for our community to be the best it can be. Please join me in supporting Pat Murray for Essex Selectboard.

Liz Subin


Supporting Annie Cooper
I wholeheartedly support Annie Cooper for Essex Selectboard. Annie lives and breathes all things Essex — she possesses an unsurpassed passion for, interest in, and dedication to our community. She is a tireless worker, a selfless individual, and an unwaveringly honest person. Anyone that has met her, even briefly, knows that she is also relentlessly transparent and would bring that quality to the selectboard. Finally, she cares about and solicits a variety of viewpoints and opinions and will thoughtfully consider opposing views before making a decision. What else can I say? Go vote for her— before or on March 5th.

Elizabeth Minadeo

Another Murray supporter
It was with great pleasure that I signed Patrick Murray’s petition to run for Selectboard. As a fellow school board member and JP, I have watched this member of the communication subcommittee do a great job. I am particularly impressed with his ability to answer questions on EssexVT as the need arises and post the highlights of board meetings in various locations. Many of you may have met him there answering your questions.

Patrick fought for both the students and the residents, for example, taking a stand on transportation equity a few months ago. As the lack of CDL drivers is confounding so many of us, he has pushed to get a guarantee of transport for our youngest students. His effort has not gone unnoticed. I believe he will apply that same effort while serving on the Selectboard. I’m voting for him on March 5. How about you?

Diane Clemens


Endorsing Annie Cooper
I support Annie Cooper for the Essex Selectboard. It was about 12 years ago that I met this wonderful and unique swimming instructor at The Edge, while I was working with people from Champlain Community Services. I was enthralled on a daily basis by her enthusiasm, patience and kindness while working with children, and with Annie’s sincere interest and respect towards my clients.

After working in Essex Junction for a number of years, I moved to this wonderful community 10 years ago. As I have become better acquainted with Annie, I have been most impressed by her inquisitiveness and by her moral compass. Whether volunteering extensively, working with Positive Youth Sports Alliance, moderating the Essex Vt. Facebook page, teaching a generation of kids to brave the water, or just generally “showing up” when it counts, Annie has done her homework. You don’t have to always agree with her to have faith that Annie will more than diligently investigate every issue, listening closely to all involved, and work hard to make decisions that will benefit us all.

Jan Morse


Wrenner a divisive force
As a co-leader of the Heart & Soul process a few years ago, we had the opportunity to engage with almost 1,000 residents of Essex. During that process we discovered that people across the community (including people in the village and people living in the town outside the village) share a great deal of community pride and love. We also found that people have much in common across boundaries. One of the themes we heard loud and clear is that most community members have little understanding of the squabbles our leaders were having over village vs town outside the village issues. They experienced Essex as one community, and wanted our leaders to behave more like the rest of us…enjoying all that our community (both the more rural and more urban parts) has to offer. People wanted to see more collaboration and alignment across the municipalities.

Our community can no longer afford to be represented by a long time selectboard member whose divisive tactics and rhetoric continue to stall progress and strain the civic ties that bind us. Irene Wrenner has been dedicated to her position, and no doubt means well.  However, her tenure has been very costly to our community.

Her strategy is to wait until a public process has played out almost to the finish line and then come forward with reasons the process is flawed and should be derailed. These tactics are financially costly (especially when they involve holding revotes or failed votes). These tactics also carry a large civic cost. For example, during the recent attempt to join the village and town recreation departments, a large committee of volunteer community members worked with the skilled leaders of both the town and village recreation departments. They studied the issue, engaged with the community, and proposed a plan. It is sad to think that many of those people, who came together in good faith to try to find a creative solution, will think long and hard before participating again in the public life of our community. Their recommendations were attacked and maligned and ultimately rejected by the voters after a strenuous effort led by Irene to discredit their work.

The financial, and civic cost of this approach doesn’t include the huge price we pay in opportunity costs, as leaders continue to spend lots of time and money rehashing old issues that could have been solved long ago, rather than being proactive about planning for our future.

Irene will argue she is fighting for transparency and that she is willing to stand up and say the truth even when it is unpopular. What I have observed, though, is that our village and town government, while not perfect by any means, is reasonably transparent, and seems to be dedicated to finding solutions that are in the best interest of the whole community. Asking tough questions of our elected officials and paid staff is important and I support that. However, working to derail the consensus of community entities after they have completed their work and made their recommendations is not in keeping with the spirit of how our local democracy should work.

I do not enjoy writing a letter like this. In fact, I have known Irene for a long time. I look forward to seeing her at community events, and appreciate her dedication to the community. However, her tactics are misguided and continue to do damage to the civic fabric of our community. With the upcoming election, it is time to seize the opportunity to move beyond this needlessly divisive and demoralizing approach to local politics.

I encourage everyone who cares about the future of our community to vote for Patrick Murray and Annie Cooper for selectboard. These two candidates have a broad network of relationships with community members from all parts of our community. They are thoughtful and fair minded, and will help our community move forward.

Susan McCormack


Vote Murray on March 5
I am writing today in strong support of Patrick Murray for selectboard. Patrick and I first met while serving on the core leadership for Nightmare and Spookyville Vermont. We initially struggled to find common ground, but over the last few years I am proud to now call him a highly respected friend. In his role at Nightmare he was a key part in the conversation and decisions each year about what local causes would be beneficiaries. Over the years he helped raise over $100,000 for Women Helping Battered Women, Camp Exclamation Point, and several other Rotarian causes. When we moved to the Expo a few years ago, Patrick was a strong vocal advocate for giving some of the money we raised back to our community. He was strong champion for Del’s Ride, which supports a rare disease that a beautiful little girl in Essex is fighting. Patrick has continued to give back as a volunteer on many committees, boards and teams. He has been a strong vocal advocate for every family that lives in the EWSD in his role on the school board, where he consistently advocates for the equity for all students. The level of maturity and respect he brings to his board role has been easy to see from the way he engaged with families on social media during high tension periods due to transportation issues. Patrick has never just represented one part of our community on the school board and I know he will continue to bring that same level of balance and advocacy for all the residents in the Town and Junction on the selectboard.   

  We need people committed to bridging the gap between the Junction and the Town so that our community can move forward together. As a School Board member, Patrick has consistently shown his integrity, passion and dedication to the Essex Community. Patrick’s focus on transparency, decency and respect playing a key role in all communication is a large part of why I am looking forward to voting for him on March 5th, and I hope you will too.

Katie Ballard


Supporting Wrenner
I am writing on behalf of Irene Wrenner, who is running for re-election on the Essex selectboard.

I have know Irene and her family for 20+ years.

Irene has always worked tirelessly for the public good.

She asks the questions that are needed to clarify issues for her constituents. Tough questions, detailed questions, probing questions; these are not necessarily consensus-building questions, but they must be asked, and answered. In these over-busy, over-scheduled times when there is so much news to digest, Irene gets to the point and keeps the public informed.

I urge you to vote to return Irene Wrenner to our selectboard.

Deb Stender


Cooper a listener
I am writing in support of Annie Cooper for the Essex Selectboard. I have known Annie for many years through her swim instruction and have always been impressed by her ability to communicate with both kids and adults in a way that makes them both feel heard and valued. She listens and is thoughtful in what she says and how she says it. Annie has spoken about the Essex community and the difference it has made in her life; I believe that is why she is so passionate about serving on the board and giving back to the community. I hope you will join me in giving her that chance. Vote for Annie Cooper on March 5th.

Sheila Porter


Supporting Irene
We are writing this letter in support of Irene Wrenner’s candidacy for re-election to the Essex selectboard. She is deeply engaged in governance issues and has served with great integrity and transparency on the selectboard since 2007. She is an excellent communicator and an independent voice for residents in both the Town and the Village. We strongly support Irene Wrenner as an experienced and hard-working candidate.

Mousa Ishaq and Kristin Peterson-Ishaq