Lynn off base with answer to fake news

The Perspective article by Emerson Lynn suggests regulation is the answer to fake news.  I disagree!  The problem as I see it, is that research into controversial issues of our times are not without bias.  Our Congress abdicates its responsibility for truthful studies when it writes law saying that it’s the responsibility of original equipment manufacturers themselves to perform safety testing and in some cases gives immunity from liability.

Case in point, are studies conducting the safety of vaccines.  A single vaccine contains hundreds of ingredients besides the active pathogen itself.  When double blind tests are conducted, the off the shelf vaccine is tested against the “placebo” that has the same number of hundreds of ingredients, except the pathogen.  When the results come back, both shots caused the same amount of debilitating side effects, which means there is no difference between the two, therefore it’s safe.  Problem is, what if one of the other ingredients is the cause.  You will never know based on those studies.

Tobacco companies of the past conducted “professional” studies saying that cigarettes showed NO correlation between smoking and lung cancer.  What if that science was held as definitively resolved?  Butter and eggs were demonized as a cause of heart attacks before those findings were reversed?  Anything that is to the contrary, would be censored as fake news perpetuating more suffering at the hands of profits.

Censorship or labeling of any kind is the beginning of a declining society.  Putting a “score” to one’s social media posts is akin to forcing Jews to sow the star of David onto their clothes so they can be targeted for ridicule and economic poverty.  It’s happening in our elementary schools all the way through our colleges.  It’s happening in our politics. And it’s resulting in banishing truly independent organizations into a digital ghetto, taking away their ability to make a living.

What ever happened to discussion around the dinner table?  What ever happened to tolerance?  What ever happened to the ability to make up your own mind?  Where are the truly independent thinkers of today.  It begs the question; “Does a falling tree make a sound if there’s no one to hear it”.  The silence is defining!

Ron Coppola


Thank you to Farmers’ Market

Although I was saddened to learn of the end of the Five Corners Farmers’ Market, I am grateful for the years of joyful community gathering and connection to local vendors that was created through the diligence of many committed community members. Big thanks to market director Julie Miller-Johnson and to everyone who served as a board member, volunteer, and vendor. Wish I could name everyone by name but would surely miss many! Five Corners is indeed in a different state than it was at the start of the market. Thanks for helping build the foundation and helping light a spark. My family and I are grateful for many fond summer and autumn memories.

Kelly Adams
Essex Jct.