Village voters demand better busing
Now that we have one of the largest school districts in Vermont, we must have an administration that can scale its management practices to meet the larger demands of a bigger district. This busing crisis raises serious doubts.

Busing rollout in Essex Junction was bungled badly from the beginning. Last academic year, the heralded buses were scrapped days before school began. This school year is about to begin with even more widespread problems, while Village taxpayers continue to foot the bill.

There’s plenty of blame to go around, with District COO Bruce Donahue’s infrequent public communications characterized by frequent timeline reversals.

But when there is a crisis in the district, it’s the superintendent’s job to address it. Beth Cobb is the one empowered with the authority to stop the equivocations and put together a viable plan. Now is the time for Cobb to step up.

Village voters demand better from Cobb. That starts with delivering on busing.

Max Ekstrom
Essex Jct.


We live here; therefore, we want a shooting ordinance
As people who live here other than hunters’ urging:  We want the Essex Selectboard to do the right thing and protect the public by extending the highly travelled portion of Saxon Hill Road and Park 200 feet to protect the public!

After reviewing the hunters’ comments at the last week’s, (Thursday), firearms discussion, I believed the public has a right legally to demand public safety in these discussed areas, because we live here!

After careful review with legal experts, the fact hunters at the meeting stated that the town could not regulate “hunting” is true.  The legislature enacted that law which says: “except as otherwise provided by law, no town…shall directly regulate hunting.” 24 V.S.A. 2295.  But, the statute goes on to state that it “shall not limit the powers conferred upon a town, city, or incorporated village under subdivision 2291 (8) of this title.  Section 2291 (8) of this title authorizes municipality’s to regulate the use or discharge of firearms within the municipality and sections there of.”

After viewing the Aug. 23 Essex Planning Commission meeting on Channel 17, I feel the zoning and planning commission is on the right track discussing the future land use issues when planning the Essex Town Center for the next 30 years!

Hunters need to realize that our roads in Essex are not only for passenger car safety, that the public who chooses not to hunt has a right to use these roads year round with a proper buffer because we live here!  R1 District is not just a highway for cars to travel through.

Please, selectboard, make our town a vibrant scenic destination for our community and those who visit.

Patty Davis


Glad selectboard is taking on gun discharge issue
I am very glad to see that the Essex Town Selectboard is addressing the issue of gunfire discharge in areas such as Indian Brook and Saxon Hill.  I know that then-Chief LaRose wrote a report two years ago recommending changes because, “the probability of a fired projectile striking a person or property has increased significantly over time …”

I had and still have great respect and trust in Chief LaRose.  He actually recommended that, “The safest approach would be to prohibit the discharge of firearms completely.”  Whatever the Selectboard can do to accomplish that, or anything close to it, I am in favor of.  Thank you Max Levy and other Selectboard members for taking on this important issue.

Mark Redmond