The students in Timiny Bergstrom’s class at the Summit Street School as part of a lesson on writing pieces to persuade others. We will run additional letters next week.

People shouldn’t kill animals

Did you know how most animals die? By humans killing them! One way humans kill animals is use them in science experiments, helping people, not animals. That’s disrespectful. I don’t like it. Let’s change it!

First, animals have less protection than humans, and more predators! Want to hear some bad things humans do? They make lots of pollution, fighting in wars which destroys ground, and they hunt.

Also animal population is less than human, if there is any killing animals should do it (though I hope not).

Imagine a world without animals, there would be no food, nothing to enjoy from nature, that might happen to us!

Animals have lived way more than humans, yet humans have done way more bad things on earth than animals. (I wish I was an animal!)

Just the other day, I thought ‘oh, we don’t need animals,’ but know I’m wrong because we would die!

I haven’t said enough, but it’s time to move onto to move onto the next reason!

Lastly, you don’t need to do experiments. You are smart enough and have enough, you don’t need more, be done!

Imagine a world without people, there would be everything needed less death and pollution. It would be perfect. We don’t need ourselves!

I have a dream of less killing of animals, and I hope you understand it, because that could change the world. Everything is special! I hope things change with us as the years go by. Now you know all of my story.


Toys-R-Us a special place

Since Toys-R-Us closed about 80 percent of kids are a little sad. Kids love Toys-R-Us and we should appreciate it. So I hope this letter will make it so that kids will see that Toys-R-Us is a special place.

We should appreciate Toys R Us because kids like to get toys. Toys R Us is a popular toy store that kids love. Another reason is that kids like to run through the aisles. And Toys R Us has so many toys!!!

Here’s an example. My little brother loves to play in the big cars at Toys R Us. And Toys R Us has so many toys it’s hard for me to decide what toy to get. It takes me 13 minutes to decide… And sure, I’m only nine, but I want for everyone to appreciate Toys R Us.

The second reason is Toys R Us is a kids place because the whole store is filled with toys. And they have candy at Toys R Us. Also they don’t just have toys, they also have baby stuff. Also they have board games and video games/consoles and so many more cool toys!!!

Andy the don’t just have one Toys R us. They have more Toys R Us all around the world.

Lastly, I’m going to teach you about kids emotions/actions at Toys R Us. Like maybe about a year ago I saw a kid so happy to be at Toys R Us, and I’ve seen kids really happy to be at Toys R Us.

But just imagine if your favorite store closed, how would you feel? You would probably feel so sad.  We should appreciate Toys R Us because it makes children feel happy. Kids always feel happy at Toys R Us.

Now do you see how special Toys R Us is? I hope you did because I learned a whole lot about Toys R Us. Also I hope you visit Toys R Us. Wait don’t go, I have more to say, like just imagine if you were at Toys R Us, how would you feel? Those are reasons why you should appreciate Toys R Us.


Child abuse prevention month

Gov. Phil Scott signed a proclamation for Child Abuse Prevention Month on April 2nd. I appreciate the ceremony at the Statehouse and the attention that it draws to the need that every child has, to be loved and safely nurtured. Every child, every day requires at least one adult who provides that love and is committed to her healthy development and well-being. All our children will reach their potential and contribute to their community’s economic viability and stability, if they have safe, stable and nurturing homes to grow up in.

We have a role to play. We can be a good family member or a supportive neighbor to a single parent or parents of young children who would benefit from some time to themselves. Babysitting, or simply taking time to listen to a parent, can make a great difference in the lives of both a parent and his child. Mentoring an elementary age or middle school child can make a world of difference in that child’s present and future. Knowing that someone as nice and as good as you, finds value in spending time with them can help a young person imagine being a successful student and adult. We learn to take chances in life, in good ways, based on how others see us. Children need our time and interest much more than they need material things!

There are many opportunities in Vermont to volunteer to help children and families. Our local Parent Child Centers, Dream and Prevent Child Abuse Vermont, are some of the many organizations in need of caring volunteers.

Speak up if you fear a child may be at risk of being abused. Call Prevent Child Abuse Vermont’s Help Line at 1-800-CHILDREN (800-244-5373) to discuss concerns about a child and call the Vermont Department for Children and Families to report suspicion of child abuse or neglect. Their central number is 1-800-649-5285 and is available 24 hours a day.

As you read this, please remember to think about how you can make a true difference in the life of a child with your time, your talents and your treasure. Vermont will only continue to be as beautiful as it is, to the extent that our children are nurtured and protected today. Child Abuse Prevention Month is a reminder of this important commitment that we share. Learn more by visiting

Linda E. Johnson

Executive director of Prevent Child Abuse Vermont