The students in Timiny Bergstrom’s class at the Summit Street School as part of a lesson on writing pieces to persuade others. We will run additional letters next week.

Please appreciate animals

I am Madilyn and I just turned nine. I want the world to appreciate animals, Did you know that the parrot fish eat coral and then it turns into sand? That fact is really cool. The pufferfish also makes drawings in the sand! … People should appreciate and stop killing animals because they make our world a happier place.

Animals can be funny like seals, dogs, and dolphins. A seal is funny because when you say something he claps, which is funny too. A dog is funny because he can dance silly dances and do funny tricks. We can see them everyday. We should appreciate animals because they make our world a better place.

Imagine a kitten with puffy black fur, little whiskers and little eyes. If that cat was laying right in front of you, wouldn’t you want to cuddle it? I would! Animals are so cute! Here are some animals that are cute. A seal that lives in the Arctic is cute because of its big eyes. Puppies are cute because they are playful and funny. Sea turtles have a big powerful shell, but they are slow and gentle. That’s why it makes me so sad when straws get stuck in their noses. Sea horses are cute in their own way. We should appreciate all animals because they are cute and helpful in different ways.

They are helpful. Cats can be helpful because they keep you warm and comfortable. Service dogs help blind people get around. A long time ago people drove carriages that horses pulled so people could get around. Also bees help us because they make honey for us so we can eat, so we shouldn’t hurt them. We should not hurt animals because they help us so much.

You should stop killing animals because animals will die then and animals are good for our Earth, because they make our world a better place and a beautiful place. My cat Zipper lived with me a long time ago but he went to my grandma’s house and I’m not visiting her too often anymore. I miss him a lot and he misses me… I hope you will keep animals home safe forever… I love animals so much that I hope I will see them everyday, every hour, every minute, every second, if more animals come out then more you will see them and the more they will like you. I hope you like the story once you read it.


Don’t be mean to refs

Did you know that every day people are mean to referees? I think we should be nicer to referees. I love to play soccer and I don’t like it when people yell at referees.

One time I saw someone yelling at a referee. Don’t know they are getting paid to do that? I heard that people were being so mean to a referee he quit! You don’t want to be that person that you were that you were so mean you made a referee quit, do you?

If a referee calls a foul on you, and you yell at them, that is not okay. They’re not trying to be mean. They’re just doing their job.

You know in school your teachers say be a good sport or have good sportsmanship and you be a good sport in school. So let’s say you have a soccer game after school and you’re doing good and then sweeee, the referee calls a foul you and scream at the referee. That is not good sportsmanship.

Teachers teach you about having good sportsmanship for school and outside of the school, so listen to your teachers and be a good sport in school and outside of school.

Don’t scream at the referee and just be nice. Take deep breaths. Walk away. Take a break. Ask your coach if someone can play for you while you take a drink of water. Ask your coach if you can calm down in a few minutes. Ask if you can play in an area where you don’t talk to the referee. Ask to be in an area where you will have less fowls. Try to be more understanding.

These are the reasons and solutions that I cam up with on why we should be nicer to referees.