The students in Timiny Bergstrom’s class at the Summit Street School submitted letters as part of a lesson on writing pieces to persuade others.

We should never throw trash on the ground

We should pick up trash because it is bad for the Earth. Would you pick up trash if you saw it on the ground? Never throw trash on the ground. I am Rewach and I really care about the Earth. Trash is not goof for the earth because it makes pollution, is ugly, it can put unhealthy things into the soil, and can kills plants and animals. There are three important reasons why I think we should not litter. First, trash is not healthy for nature, second, trash can pollute our air, and third, we need healthy soil to live.

I do not want nature to die. I never want nature to die because then how are we going to breath? Also how am I going to see the beautiful view. If you see someone littering tell them not to because this is our world and we are going to live here and help the Earth!!! In Vermont we have to help the animals and take care of them some of them mean a to us! I will also risk my life if I have to help the earth if I have to because other people to live and have food.

Then we need to help the air to be Clean. Dirty air means that we are littering a lot. Litter does not help the world once. If you see someone littering pick the trash up and tell them not to litter next time. Trash also has a lot pollution that does not help the earth one bit. Also you need to tell people not cut down trees because that’s where bees live and other types of animals and if we cut down trees where are they going to live. If there are trash on the ground the world is going to be filled with pollen and we do not want we want to live and take good care of the earth. Now i think you guys know what to do with trash I gave you so many ideas you better do the things i told in this story also never be a flower always be a leader.

An another reason is the ground is our home!!! We should not litter on the ground because that’s our home and that’s how we are living to. One day trash will take over the world and turn into pollution that’s you want. The world means a lot to us because that’s how we are eating and living and if the world turns into pollution how are we going to eat and live. A little bit of trash does a big damage to the world and the ground and we don’t want that we want have freedom and peace to live in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I hope you guys pick up trash because it does a big damage to the world. Please tell other people to pick up trash to if you see them littering. If you see someone cutting down trees tell them not to because animals live in trees to like bees and other types of tree animals. I also want you guys to stay safe around trash because you guys could get sick and people could get sick your teachers and your friends. I hope you guys always help the Earth and never back down helping the earth, I also hope you guys always be leader and not a follower. Now I Also hope you guys also learn from your teachers to and trash.