Educators must act against climate change

According to a new study in the journal Science, planting billions of trees around the world would be the cheapest and most effective way to tackle the climate crisis.  The study suggests that if all nations throughout the world planted 1.2 trillion trees it would reduce the Co2 emissions in the air throughout the world and prevent the continuous global warming of our planet. See this site: Recently during the Democratic Presidential debates literally every candidate for President suggested that if elected they would immediately sign the Paris Global Warming treaty and take steps to stop global warming.  Unfortunately President Trump does not believe in global warming and has put our nation and the world at great  peril.

Just 2 days ago the news broke out that within the Amazon there have been 40,000 fires in 2019.  The Amazon rainforest alone creates 20% of the world’s oxygen and absorbs as much if not more of the world’s carbon dioxides..  Our world is in crisis.

As educators we cannot sit back and watch the earth reach a tipping point of no return.  We just experienced the warmest July in the history of the earth since thermometers began keeping track of world temperatures in 1888.  We must right now start working on correcting global warming by planting trees. We owe it to our children and our children’s children to make the world livable for future generations.  We cannot sit back at our desks and wait for Washington to take care of us.

Today I am proposing that all of the educators in the United States help their school children and community to plant trees.  I call this the “Plant Trees for Life” campaign.  Every school and every school district in the United States needs to work with their community  and their local and state politicians and figure out a way to plant trees  throughout their school property and throughout their communities right now.

Please help our planet to turn things around by reducing our global warming emissions into the atmosphere and by planting trees to help absorb the Carbon Dioxide and create clean Oxygen.

Keep in touch and drop me a line from time to time letting me know how many trees you have planted within your own school and community in the upcoming months.  Every tree helps our children to breathe clean fresh air and live in an area that is safe and comfortable.  We might not be able to plant over a trillion trees by ourselves but I do believe we can plant millions across Vermont and billions  across our country and start to clean up our air and prevent global warming in the process.

Peter Gustafson, 
40 year educator at Albert D. Lawton