Shooting should be banned in Saxon Hill area

People move to Essex to enjoy the many public areas of Essex as a whole, even if what they enjoy is not directly on their street or neighborhood.  They do Not buy a house and ask where the nearest shooting range is, or am I within a quarter of a mile from where a bullet will leave it’s barrel.  Did anyone of the 22000 residents ask those questions when they moved here?   I believe, they thought their public safety on public roads and parks were, “a given.”  I see cars parked along Saxon Hollow road with children under 12 piling out to use the small park, playground here.  Do people think they live on that street?  Obviously, they drove from another neighborhood to use the park.

We moved here to use Saxon Hill Road to exercise on, year round. We also moved here almost 2 full years and used this public road, before the new owner purchased land abutting Saxon Hill Road, and erected a shooting range.

Like Mr. Montague stating in last weeks letter to the editor, “ I’m just getting started!”  I couldn’t agree with you more, that “I’m just getting started!”

Patty Davis