Show our athletic fields more respect

As a resident of Foster Road  for nearly 30y ears and a parent of 4 children who have grown up using athletic fields on Foster Road I am disheartened by the lack of respect shown for these wonderful facilities. The amount of trash that is left littered all over the area following a sporting event or even just a school day is disgusting. On any given morning my husband will walk the Little League fields and is able to fill a trash bag with what has been discarded the night before. Water bottles, candy wrappers, milk cartons, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and numerous other items are just left ….. it is not unusual to find a dirty diaper just thrown on the ground near the play area by the track .

It is bad enough that people travel at excessive speed down Foster Rd every day with no regard for the safety of the residents or of the many of children using these facilities daily but then to leave the area in such a mess is simple deplorable. Come on parents! Set an example. At the very least, teach your children accountability. Drive safely  and clean up after yourselves.

Susan Heney