So are you ready for some high school sports this week? With weather in the 40’s, it looks to be a plus over last week. We can hope for sun but bring your hats, gloves and sweatshirts. (P.S. It is snowing as I write the column.) The Masters was more than exciting! Students better get ready for the ACT test this Saturday and the SAT next month.


Baseball: Chris Richards and Wayne Courcy, Gabe Coleman, Zac Falls
Softball: Ashley Stebbins, Brent Farnham, Eric Rutz, Bernie Couture, Lindsay Falby, Peter Monty, and Christina Brazeau
Varsity games: Tue., Thu. and Sat. @ CHS, vs MIDD, @ MMU.
Varsities play and travel together. JV’s at opposite sites.

Boys’ LAX: Dean Corkum, Scott Edwards, Charlie Herrick, Ira Isham, Dave Neil, Mac O’Connell, and Connor LeBlanc
Varsity games: Mon. and Wed. @ MIDD, vs MMU; Fri. and Sat. @ NY Syracuse / Liverpool

Girls’ LAX: Grace O’Neil, Linnae O’Neil, Hillary Arthur Wheeler, and Katie Roberge
Varsity games: Tue. and Fri. vs MMU, @RUT

Boys’ and Girls’ Track and Field: Katie White, Nick Smith, Adam Lacross, Mary Krug, V Chase, Chinelo Asanya, and Jacob Rodriguez
Meet: Tue. @MMU

Boys’ Tennis: Christian Paul; Tue. @SB
Girls’ Tennis: Dennis Langdell, Laury Shea; Tue. vs SB
Teams play opposite home/away schools

Ultimate Frisbee: Chas Legge
Games: begin 4/17 and 4/19 @ home

Boys’ Rugby: Brad Luck
Girls’ Rugby: Emily Morgan
Games: Sunday @ home

Some more end-of-season winter awards saw Hornet seniors Olivia Duncan, guard, and Emmalee Smith, guard/forward, named to the third team of the Burlington Free Press All-State Basketball Team last weekend. Congratulations!

Patrick Reed, aka Captain America, led from Friday to Sunday and won The Masters. Reed shot a -1 (71) to end -15 and win by one shot over Ricky Fowler, whose -5 (67) Sunday was worth watching. Reed was five back when he teed off, while Jordan Spieth, nine shots back at the start Sunday, made a miraculous run -8 (64) and finished third with -13. Rory McIlroy faded all afternoon and finished +2 to tie for fifth overall and made some sly, gamesmanship comments after Saturday’s round to try and put a bit of pressure on Reed, but to no avail. An old adage I have always lived by is “never run your mouth!” The top twelve finishers automatically qualify for next year’s tournament.

Villanova shot down Michigan to win the NCAA basketball finals last week.

NHL and NBA playoffs are kicking off. Enjoy the games till June! Also, the NFL Draft approaches.

Not sure the Red Sox will lose another game this season. 161-1 is my prediction after the way they have been playing for the first two weeks. It is looking more like 81-81 for the Yanks. Watch out for the Mets!

I love being home, but boy do I miss the sunny Florida weather.

Quick Azzie update from his daughter Katrina:

Azzie has had a good steady increase in health for the last couple weeks. He has also continued to receive visits from loved ones, bringing delicious meals, bright flowers, encouraging vibes, amazing memories, and true love….The doctors, nurses, and staff at UVM Medical Center are also deserving of another HUGE THANK YOU!!! The care they have displayed in bringing Azzie back to health is just so extraordinary. When reviewing the service they’ve provided for us during this experience, I have heard nothing but positivity from all the people who’ve gone through this with us…..Azzie WALKED 2 miles from his house for a dentist appointment and then walked 2 miles to return home!!! Such an incredible improvement in his health and well being!

Happy Birthday Sophia Jacobs #1, Leah Murdock, Eric Koval, ace reporter Mike Donoghue, Rosy Gallo, Ellen Emery, Michelle Kennedy, Stephen Bishop, Amy Kearns Glynn, Chinelo Asanya and Dean “the Dream” Corkum, who only gets better with age. And lastly to my bit-left-of-center-lane brother-in-law, Red Sox/N.Y. Giant fan, Nordic guru, and Tree Farm maintenance man Hank Bechtel!