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Stephanie Mack rents out office space in partnership with other local business people, as an alternative to a home office.

As a working mom with her own accounting business, Essex resident Stephanie Mack has worked out of her home office for most of her career. But with a new baby, a puppy, and teenage boys at home, she decided to set out in search of a quiet office to rent.

The search proved harder than she expected. “There’s no available office space beyond Five Corners,” Mack said, and as a working mom, she couldn’t afford to rent space in Williston or further towns due to the commute.

Instead, Mack turned to the rising movement of shared office space and rented a large office with two other small business people, Mike Grobman and John Jacob. One year and some change later, the renters have since dubbed the space, Essex Office Share (EOS) and have opened up their conference room and empty desk spaces for other local small business people and freelancers to potentially rent.

“It’s very convenient as a mom and a working parent. I’m meeting so many more clients than when I was in my office space at home,” said Mack. “Plus it’s nice to come into an office and have some camaraderie with other business people.”

Mack likes working alongside other business people in her community, while maintaining her own flexibility. With her home office, Mack often found herself working diligently but having no interaction with other working people. For her, EOS is a happy medium. Plus, sharing the office space with more people also has the perk of a low monthly rent.

The EOS conference room has seen some local groups and meetings, but Mack hopes to expand the number of renters in the space. “I’d really love some more humans in here,” she said.

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