Eight-grader Anniella Pettingill poses for a photo with flag that represented the state of Vermont during the National Youth Art Month. Her flag was flown over the State House and was also sent to the NAEA conference in Seattle. (courtesy photo)


Two ADL Students Recognized For Art: Seventh grader Peyton Ashe won first place in among students in the Essex Westford School District for her peace poster design sponsored by the Lion’s Club International. She was honored at the local chapter on March 28. Congratulations also go out to Nina Carmolli and Noa Kreiter, who placed second and third place for their designs. Eighth grade student Anniella Pettingill recently won first place representing the state of Vermont for national Youth Art Month. Anniella’s design was made into a 3 x 5 foot flag that went to the NAEA conference in Seattle, Wash. A winner was selected from each state in honor and celebration of visual arts in our schools. Anniella won $1,000 from Sargent Art Materials and was recognized at the state house on March 30. Sofia Smith also won as runner up in the middle school division for her flag design.

Maple Season: A few ADL seventh graders took part in the annual Vermont tradition of tapping maple trees last week!


Spanish Lesson: Last week eighth grade Spanish students in Jessica Psaros’ classes at EMS presented skits in a restaurant (and one in an airplane) that were entirely in Spanish!

VAMLE Conference: EMS was well represented at the annual VAMLE (Vt. Assoc. For Middle Level Educators) conference at Champlain College on March 16. The keynote speaker was comedian Colin Ryan, who spoke on Creating a Culture of Kindness. Students Faith Tichwara, Alex Reno, Jordan Johnson, and Eva Broza led event participants through an activity on finding cultural commonalities and discussing why it’s important to understand and appreciate differences. They were supported by EMS Guidance Counselor Lindsay Falby, and Science Teacher and VAMLE Board Member Lindsey Hallman. Laurie LaPlant, along with Aimeric Amblard, Mia Savoni, and Adowyn Bryne led two workshops with students, teachers, and administrators on Restorative Practices and Circles in the school setting as well.


Breakout Edu: In February, middle school book club students from Westford read the nonfiction Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award nominated book “Lost in the Pacific.” The students then participated in an active Breakout Edu session where they needed to solve multiple puzzles from the book to open various locks on a locked box to get their prize. They were also able to ask the author questions about his writing and research process. Their activity was recorded by Vermont Public Radio and they were featured on Vermont Edition last week.