Paradox Bound
By Peter Clines
Adult Fiction, 2017
Reviewed by Ann Paietta

Paradox Bound is a very interesting and engaging novel about time travel and the search for the elusive American dream. The two main characters are Eli Teague from Sanders, Maine and Harry, who is the time traveler. When they first meet, 8-year-old Eli mistakes Harry for a man but is surprised when he discovers that Harry is a woman. She becomes intrigued, and she never leaves his mind. Harry and Eli meet several times during Eli’s life and meets Harry for the third time when he is 29. He is very curious that Harry has not aged one year from when they first met. She looks the same as when he first met her.

Eventually Harry and Eli set out together in Eleanor, Harry’s 1929 souped up Model A, in search of the dream. In a world where faceless men reside, Eli and Harry travel as far back as 200 years looking for the American dream. In their wanderings, they meet a James Dean, who faked his own death, and folklore icon John Henry. I found the book a bit challenging but very interesting and fun as the story wanders here and there with many twists.


How to Stop Time
By Matt Haig
Adult Fiction. 2018
Reviewed by Ann Paietta

“How to Stop Time” tells the story of Tom Hazard, born in the 16th century but still alive today. Due to a disorder he physically ages only a little every few decades. Today we find him as a 30-something history teacher in England. His first and only love affair was with Rose in the 16oos. It didn’t end well, and he is haunted by memories of Marion, his daughter who also inherited his condition. He has spent centuries searching for her. The Albatross Club is a society that looks after the interests of the immortals and adds some darkness to the tale. Tom’s big question is “What is the point of living when you have no one to live for?” This fairly short novel covers so much material and is well worth the time to discover Tom’s story.