A sizable midterm turnout saw incumbents sweep the board in state and federal races Tuesday while voters handed down clear advantages in both Essex house districts.

Democrat Marybeth Redmond led all vote-getters in the two-seat Chittenden 8-1 district with 2,458, while Republican incumbent Linda Myers retained her seat with 1,974 votes, about 400 more than Progressive/Democrat Tanya Vyhovsky, unofficial results show.

Redmond credited her success to simply knocking on doors and asking people what was on their minds – a lesson she planned to carry on to Montpelier. “I’m just really humbled,” she said when reached Tuesday night. “I’m excited to represent Essex and really understand what people’s concerns are and bring all of those voices to the statehouse.”

In Chittenden 8-2, incumbent Democrats Lori Houghton and Dylan Giambatista earned re-election, receiving 3,013 and 2,895 votes, respectively. Challenger John Brennan, a Republican, finished a distant third with 1,448.

And unopposed incumbent Republican Bob Bancroft is heading back to Montpelier to represent Chittenden District 8-3, which a portion of Essex shares with Westford.

Mimicking statewide results, incumbents reigned supreme in both of Essex’s districts. Village voters granted Gov. Phil Scott a 2,496 to 1,851 advantage over Democratic challenger Christine Hallquist, and favored Progressive/Democrat David Zuckerman over Republican Don Turner Jr., 2,633 to 1,739.


District 8-1 voters, meanwhile, handed Scott 2,567 votes compared to Hallquist’s 1,420, and gave Zuckerman a 2,270 to 1,755 advantage over Turner Jr.

Three Republicans, including Essex resident Paul Dame, struggled to gain traction against the incumbent slate in Chittenden County’s Senate race, with Tim Ashe (D/P), Ginny Lyons (D), Debbie Ingram (D), Michael Sirotkin (D), Phil Baruth (D) and Christopher Pearson (D/P) easily retaining their seats.

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders cruised to his third term in the U.S. Senate, with the Associated Press calling his victory over Republican Lawrence Zupan race moments after the polls closed Tuesday evening. Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) also won handily, as did Democrats T.J. Donovan (attorney general), Beth Pearce (state treasurer) and Jim Condos (secretary of state).

The 9,940 ballots – a third of which were early or absentee – cast from Essex’s 16,384 registered voters on Tuesday represent a 61 percent turnout, eight points shy of the 2016 presidential election.