Four Essex High School Students were among the top ten winners in the 25th Annual Mathematics Talent Search sponsored by the Vermont State Mathematics Coalition.  In a ceremony on May 4 at a Double Tree Emerald Ballroom dinner, witnessed by parents, teachers and Coalition members.

St. Michael’s College Mathematics Professor George Ashline praised the student winners in his remarks. Jean McKenny, Coalition Director, presented Jeremy Brennan a Texas Instruments contributed hand-held graphing calculator, Grace Lu and Henry Wu cash awards and Eric Lu Texas Instruments contributed graphing calculator software.

Jeremy was tied for fourth, his first year in the top ten, while Grace finished sixth for the second year in a row, Henry seventh, up from tenth, and Eric tenth, his first year in the top ten.

Ragulan Sivakumar, a sophomore at South Burlington High School, for the second year in a row placed first which earned Ragulan a cash award.  Other winners also received cash awards or contributed Texas Instruments hand-held graphing calculators or Texas Instruments software.  Ragulan placed fifth in 2016 as an eighth-grader and tenth in 2015 as a seventh grader.

Vergennes UHS Sophomore Kai Williams was the second prize winner. John Graves, a senior at Mill River UHS, was the third prize winner.  Kai was third and John fourth last year. Other winners in order of their placement were Evan Kozierok, a junior at Mt. Anthony UHS, his first time in the top ten; Ananth Malladi, a senior at South Burlington HS, who finished eighth last year and Ellery Stahler, a freshman at Burr & Burton Academy, a first time winner.

The winners are all invited to be a part of the team representing Vermont in the annual  American  Region Mathematics League competition at Penn State University on June 1-3 and to attend, tuition-free,  the 2018 Governor’s Institute in Mathematical Sciences to be held at the University of Vermont June 24-29.

Further information on the Talent Search can be found on the Coalition’s web-site,  Kiran MacCormick, Mississiquoi Valley UHS faculty member and Evan Dummit, Post-Doctoral Associate, Arizona State University have prepared the problems this year.  Any talented math student is encouraged to try next Fall’s first test.