Recent periodicals have highlighted the unfairness to Chittenden County voters of having primaries with a dozen or more candidates. It turns the race into a name recognition contest rather one on the merits. That is why Senator Sirotkin introduced a constitutional amendment and successful legislation to downsize the current six member district into multiple districts of no more than three Senators. This is typical of Senator Sirotkin's politics--putting the average Vermonter ahead of his own political interests.

I first met Michael Sirotkin in the early 80's when I was an Assistant U.S. Attorney here in Vermont. I had cases with him in federal court, where he frequently fought for disability benefits for senior citizens, something he did tenaciously and effectively. This went on to be typical of his representation throughout his professional life - fighting for constituencies with little voice.

Senator Sirotkin has been hard at work in the legislature addressing COVID issues-- ahead of campaigning for re-election. His leadership expanded unemployment and workers’ compensation benefits, provided approximately $100 million in housing assistance and even more in small business grants. In addition, during this year he was the Senate's clear leader in championing minimum wage and paid family leave. In the previous session he took on Apple and Amazon and changed their auto-renewal disclosure policies nationwide. He also led the successful fight against Comcast to maintain internet neutrality.

I enthusiastically support his re-election for State Senate and hope others will join me; we need him in the Senate.

Jerry O'Neill

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