Dept. of Motor Vehicles, 1-16-2020 (copy)

The Dept. of Motor Vehicles has announced a new program for handling temporary vehicle registrations and license plates online.

State officials announced last week a new online system for temporary vehicle registrations and license plates for private vehicle sales.

According to a statement from Gov. Phil Scott’s administration, the Dept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will now be able to handle temporary plate and registrations remotely for vehicles sold, transported and registered in Vermont.

Temporary registrations handled online will cost a $6 fee and will last for 60 days upon purchase. Temporary registrations purchased online can be printed from home.

“We understand that Vermonters want and need to register vehicles in a timely manner after purchasing them,” the DMV’s commissioner, Wanda Minoli, said in a statement, “and this new system expands the menu of online services now available to our customers.”

Since DMV offices were closed to in-person services in March due to COVID-19, the department has gradually transitioned to offering more services remotely and online, including license renewals and learning-permit tests.

In late August, the state announced DMV offices in Montpelier, Rutland and South Burlington would be opened to in-person services by appointment only.

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