Sex: Spayed female
Breed: Mixed breed
Age: ~ 6 years old
Reason Here: Callie May’s owner could no longer care for her
Arrival Date: 9/20/2017
Energy Level: High
Size/Weight: Large/ 88 lbs. (and overweight!)

Staff favorite Callie May is easy to love. She knows no stranger and her zest for life is contagious. When she greets you, you’ll feel like you’re the most important person in the world! Her butt wiggles and tail wags could almost propel her off the ground! She is so happy to be with people and she loves hanging in the offices of HSCC or joining the staff for lunch. Car rides are a favorite of Callie’s, and she is content to take a journey with you anywhere! Callie May has been a trooper since arriving at the shelter in September 2017, but the stress is beginning to weigh on her. Her affection for people and her desire to be a companion makes it hard for her to be in a shelter setting. There are days when she doesn’t feel like eating and there are days when her spirits are high. Callie May will fit easy into her new family’s life. She won’t get into your things, she is low key, she takes amazing naps, and she just wants to be by your side. We need your help to get Callie May into a home!

Dogs: Callie May would prefer to be the only dog in her new home. She may do well with other senior dogs that respect her space and do not bother her

Cats: She has been exposed to cats but hasn’t lived with them full time

Children: She has lived with children and did well


Callie May is a current resident of Humane Society of Chittenden County in South Burlington. Call: (802) 862-0135 or visit for more information.