The trustees and selectboard wrap up a five-hour meeting Saturday afternoon in which they interviewed three candidates and unanimously selected a finalist to replace retiring manager Pat Scheidel.

The trustees and selectboard have unanimously selected a finalist to replace retiring manager Pat Scheidel.

The boards left a five-hour private session Saturday afternoon to announce they would extend an offer to their “chosen candidate.”

They didn’t name who that is, however. Village president George Tyler called the “cryptic” motion an effort to protect the finalist’s privacy.

“If we go through the candidates, and for some reason or another we get turned down, then the candidate has his name being published being out looking for another job,” Tyler said.

On Friday, five candidates interviewed with three panels comprised of municipal professionals, employees and citizens, respectively. Those panels ranked candidates before recruiter Don Jutton selected a trio to advance to the boards.

Asked for factors in the boards’ decision, Tyler listed the panels’ rankings in addition to “experience and fit,” especially considering how the town-village relationship offers a unique scenario for an incoming manager. Selectboard chairman Max Levy also pointed to the boards’ 10-0 vote, which he said “speaks volumes.”

The decision means the boards are nearing the end of a four-month process in which they once extended their deadline due to a shallow pool of applicants. Their eventual six-week recruitment yielded 37 applicants, 13 with prior experience in a manager role. There were also 13 total applicants from Vermont, a dozen more than when the boards extended the deadline.

Tyler and Levy wouldn’t disclose whether an internal candidate applied for the position.

They will now work with the boards’ recruiter to negotiate a contract with the chosen candidate. They expected the boards to reconvene and discuss their options if they’re unable to reach an agreement.